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You can get homeschool help for all the homeschool questions you are asking. When we first start home schooling we have lots of questions. When we homeschool, we have lots of questions asked of us. Even if we have been homeschooling a long time, we still ask questions of ourselves and others.

I thought it would be helpful to have a resource list of common homeschool questions that are asked BY and TO homeschoolers. We all need a little homeschool help now and then. Hopefully this will give you the answers you need.

homeschool questions

Curriculum and Books:

What curriculum do you use? choosing homeschool curriculum

Where do you get your materials? My favorite homeschool resources and where I get them.

Is Abeka homeschool the best homeschool curriculum to get?

How do you buy and sell used homeschool books?

Should I use a curriculum?

Are there any Internet resources for homeschooling? Can I use the Internet for a good part of my homeschooling?

How do I homeschool with a limited homeschool budget? Is there a way I can homeschool for free?

Can I find discount homeschool curriculum, so I don’t have to pay retail?

Do I need homeschool lesson plans?

What homeschool supplies do I need?

Where do I find out about different curriculums? Is there a place where I can see different homeschool reviews?

Is there a list of online homeschool programs that are available to homeschoolers?

Is there an older homeschool Mom I can go to for advice about what books to buy like a homeschool coach?


What are socialization options, especially for young kids.

What about homeschool socialization?

What about socialization?

What about socialization?

How will they ever learn to deal with the real world?


Can everyone homeschool?

How do you teach multiple grades at once?

The Laws:

All the answers to these questions can be found at state homeschool laws

Does the school need to know what I am doing?

What does the state need?

What/when do you send in at the end of the year?

Are you "qualified"?

Isn't homeschooling illegal?

What are the requirements?

Do you have a teaching certificate?

Do you have to test your kids?


What kind of homeschool schedule should I use?

How long does it take to homeschool?

How long is a homeschool day?

What does a typical homeschool day look like? Can I see some homeschool schedules?

Lower Grades:

When should I start homeschooling?

Is there somewhere I can look to find out how to homeschool Kindergarten?

How do I homeschool preschool and find preschool ideas?

How do I accomplish homeschooling with toddlers around too?

Upper Grades:

How do you homeschool High School?

Aren't you afraid you kids won't be able to get into a good college if you homeschool them? Are there some homeschool friendly colleges?

How do you make homeschool transcripts?

In upper grades, how do I teach when the knowledge surpasses my own?

How do I teach High School writing? English writing skill?


How do you know what subjects to teach?

How do you teach math? Do I need a homeschool math curriculum?

How do you teach your child to read? CAN I teach my children to read?

How do I teach homeschool writing?

How do you teach Science? Do I need a homeschool science curriculum?

How do I teach History? Do I need a homeschool history curriculum?

How do I teach Art? Do I need a homeschool art curriculum?

How do I teach Music? Do I need a homeschool music curriculum?

Can we take homeschool field trips and how do you plan those?


Why homeschool?

What makes homeschooling better than public school?

What are the benefits to homeschooling?

What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

How do I get homeschool help if I need it?

Don't you have to be very smart, patient, brave, etc. to homeschool?

How do you know if your kids are learning what they need to learn?


How much does it cost to homeschool?

Can I homeschool for free if I don’t have much money?

What kind of homeschool budget do I need?


How do I know I am doing this right?

What do I do if I get burned out on homeschooling, or what is the best way for avoiding homeschool burnout?

What if my kids get on my nerves? Is there a way to deal with homeschool sibling rivalry?

How do you not go crazy being with your children ALL THE TIME?

How do I balance motherhood with homeschooling?

How do I get them to do what I want them to do?

What if my kids won’t do what I want them to do?

How do I get the homeschool help I need? Is there a homeschool coach that can help me?

How do I teach the subjects I struggled in?

How do I homeschool AND get dinner made? Will some cooking help get this accomplished?

If there are questions that you have about homeschooling that you see were not addressed here or you just need some extra homeschool help, feel free to post your homeschool questions and we will do our best to get some answers for you. If you prefer some individualized help and want to speak to me personally on the phone, you can check out the homeschool coach option that is available.

I’m working on adding answers to the questions not highlighted here for those needing more homeschool help.

Have a homeschool question you don't see answered here?

Ask any question here that you like and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

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List of yearly milestones... 
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Can I order homeschool material early in the year to start getting my child prepared to start school?

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Homeschool History and Science 
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Switched on Schoolhouse - technical question 
Will Windows 8 run 2010 SOS curriculum?

Math test scores low 
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What age limit on homeschooling 
What is the age limit for free home schooling for high school grades? I'm 24 and I dropped out of school and I want to graduate now. My response: …

Teaching the struggling reader/speller/writer, yet intellectually gifted child 
What resources do you suggest for the 10 yr old boy who isn't working at grade level? 4th grader spells on 1st grade level & reads on 2cd, 3rd grade on …

Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer 
What documents are required to transfer a home schooled kid to a private school? My Comments: That all depends on your state, the age of the child, …

How are assessments or testing whether the child has learned the material done with the Abeca curriculum  
When home school or using the Abeka curriculum , how are assessments done? How are assessments or testing whether the child has learned the material …

Book Pricings 
Good Afternoon I am interested in starting school in my home and would like to start off with JK/SK and go from there. What would be the cost per child …

How do I go about finding someone like a "case manager" Someone who can help provide/suggest curriculum, make a schedule...etc for a high school student. …

Testing Option 
I would like to have my first grader evaluated with a standardized test for her end of the year assessment. I have seen places to purchase a test from …

ALTERNATIVES for Preschool 
You mentioned this course is advanced. What other home schooling course could you suggest for a 4 year old? My Comments: I have some suggestions …

Assessment at end of year 
A friend of mine asked me, a certified teacher, if I would assess her daughter whom she has homeschooled as a first grader this school year. Can you tell …

Physical Activity Resources 
I'm applying to teach at a private school which uses A Beka. I'm expected to plan a minimum of one physical activity for each outdoor session with the …

Abeka HELP ! 

How to become a certified Abeka teacher. My Comments: Sorry I have never heard of such a thing. All I have seen is parents getting the Abeka teacher …

abeka used curriculum 
I enjoyed reading through your site. I am completely new at this homeschooling thing:) I have a 5th grader and also a 1st grader. I was given both …

Homeschooling a 2nd grader 
I read your article on abeka material and you said you wouldn't recommend for the younger grades. I really want something that has a lesson plan laid out …

Online curriculum 
We have used Bob Jones University DVDs for 7 years now from Kindergarten through 12 grade. We have been very pleased with the quality and thoroughness …

Free Homeschooling Possible?? 
by April K. (Michigan) Can you really homeschool for FREE?? And if so, where can I find a math curriculum for free, that isn't a century old? My …

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Can everyone homeschool? 
How do you do it? I don't consider myself the perfect teacher. I have 5 children from pre school through highschool and I'm a busy pastor's wife and …

The most common question I always get asked when I tell someone we are homeschooling is "what about socialization". My Comment: Yes, that is definitely …

Course Providers and homeschool diplomas 
We have home schooled all our children. Our eldest child found a good job at her cousin's office and they didn't realy care that she didn't have a "proper" …

Multiple ages to school.. 
How can I effectively teach 5 kids who are different ages all in one day, and not have it take ALL day? Response: That's a loaded question! Do you …

People.... Homeschool Opposition 
How can I respond to family members that ask.."why" or "what about having time for yourself" or "what about socializing them" "don't you want them to have …

Best Christian Curriculum???? 
What is the best Christian curriculum for the money? Response: That's a tough question without knowing your children. I prefer to find a curriculum …

Homeschool Aspergers 
I have a special ed daughter who has Aspergers. Do you know of any Home schooling sites that offer advice, etc. in teaching high school student with Aspergers? …

Homeschool socialization - Involving your children with other children? 
How do you involve your children with other children when there are no homeschool support groups close to you, you live in a very small town and there …

Homeschool Diplomas 
Home Schooling is great. We home schooled two of our daughters, however neither wanted to further their education. When they went out to get jobs both …

You answered all the questions in my head.... 
I just wanted to let you know that your website is so wonderful!! It is so rare to find a website "about anything" that is thorough. All the questions …

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