Homeschool Diplomas

by shelly

Home Schooling is great. We home schooled two of our daughters, however neither wanted to further their education.

When they went out to get jobs both found that their home school diploma was not accepted by their employers.

One later wanted to go to Cosmology school and they also would not accept her diploma. They recommended she take her GED, however, after being out of school for 2 years she didn't feel she would pass. It was very discouraging. How do most HS resolve this issue?

My response: I'm not an expert in this area since my oldest child is a senior now and plans to go to spa school next fall. They said that she will need to have a diploma from an accredited school or a GED. We are going to have her take the GED since we are not an accredited school. I have heard that the GED is not terribly difficult and that with a little preparation most people can pass it without a problem.

I would think that if you showed an employer a high school transcript of everything that your student has done, they would be impressed with their work. I think homeschooling is becoming more accepted and people are respecting it much more than they used to.

If high school students take college or trade courses while in high school that can also help when talking with an employer or college.

I'm sorry that your children had problems with their homeschool diplomas. Hopefully they can find an employer that will give them a chance or take some classes at a local community college to help them get a good job. I hope that helped.

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