Internet Resources for Homeschooling for All Ages

Finding internet resources for homeschooling can bring any subject to life. Homeschool moms are always looking for ways to make their homeschool more interesting and fun.

If you have looked around the Internet at all, you know that there are sites that have interactive learning games, virtual tours of many places, areas were you can ask questions, free worksheets, videos that explain concepts, videos that show you how to do things, along with a host of other interesting subjects.

When you find out that there is a war somewhere in the world, you can find maps and pictures on the internet that bring that place to life for your children.

When you read about someone that had an interesting life you can investigate even further by finding sites that show you pictures of his family and life and what he did, more detail about how he lived, and even video of him when he was alive. You can find out where he lived and whether there is a museum or tour of his original home. The possibilities are endless!

A few favorite Internet resources for homeschooling:

internet resources for homeschooling

Free Spelling Program Online - This site is called “Look, Cover, Write, Check”. You canchoose from a wide variety of spelling families. The child is shown the word. The word is thencovered. The child types the word and then clicks on “check” to see if they spelled it correctly.There are 8 words in each set. Great spelling resource!

Story Writing - This site takes you through the process of writing a story. It’s called the “SuperWriting Project”. You can use this set to create a real book, movie, animated cartoon, cd, dvd orvideo game.

Ask Dr. Math - Here are a list of archived math questions asked of Dr. Math from elementary tocollege level. You will find anything from how to use a protractor to how to read a unit circle.You can search the site or ask a question yourself.

Heroes of History - This is a great interactive site with many heroes of history. There are morelinks for each hero leading to even more interesting study. You can even see who is looked upmost often. Lots of good information here.

The above are just a SMALL sampling of what is available online to help you boost your homeschool days. You'll wonder how you lived without it!

If your children have their own email addresses you can even email sites to them so they can check out websites, view videos and pictures on their own.

Homeschool moms don't have a lot of time to scour the Internet for Internet resources for homeschooling. I have found a book that reviews over 350 internet sites and gives you a summary of each site. This ebook was put together by a mom who has been homeschooling for many years.

Since the book is in ebook form, you can read the review and click right on the link that takes you to the site.

Internet Resources for Homeschooling is available here. Paying $9.95 for this resource is a small price to pay for something that will save you hours of time trying to search and find things that you can use for homeschooling.