Best Christian Curriculum????

by April K.

What is the best Christian curriculum for the money?

Response: That's a tough question without knowing your children. I prefer to find a curriculum that fits the child rather than try to get a child to fit into a curriculum that I choose.

Many people think that Abeka is the best Christian curriculum, but I have seen many children grow to hate school with Abeka. Plus the cost is quite high unless you can find it used.

If you want something Christian for a good price, then Christian Liberty might be what you are looking for. They offer History, Literature, Language, and some Science for decent prices.

Apologia is the best resource I have found for Science. They are interesting and written from a Christian viewpoint. I love their books!

I have not used Rod and Staff, but I know people that use it. It is also Christian and inexpensive from what I know.

We have used Spectrum quite a bit for an inexpensive curriculum, but it's not Christian. I haven't found anything questionable in it at all.

I hope this gives you what you wanted to know. These are some of my favorite homeschool resources. Let me know if you need anything else.

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