Homeschool High School - How to Homeschool Your Student with Success

The thought of a parent preparing homeschool High School students can seem overwhelming at first. In my opinion, when they get to be that age, they will probably be teaching themselves what they need to know.

I've written an article about the pros and cons of homeschooling your teen. Here are some basics and tips that you will need for a High School homeschool curriculum.

High school curriculum:

Most colleges require these subjects as a minimum:

Language Arts - 4 years

Math - 3 years (at least, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry)

Science - 3 years

Social Studies or History - 2 years

Foreign Language - 2 years or more

homeschool high school

You'll want to make sure your child has some High School English Writing skills for all of these subjects.

There is a great form at Oklahoma Homeschool that gives you a great layout of how to organize your child's homeschool high school years along with lots of suggestions for courses they can take. You can get a list of famous homeschoolers to further encourage you that many great people were homeschooled successfully.

If your child is planning on going to college and has started looking at some schools, you can get more specific requirements from their college catalogs. You can find a list of homeschool friendly colleges and get some help on making out the best high school transcript.

Tough Subjects

Here are some guidelines on what to do when you have a difficult subject to teach that you don't feel comfortable teaching to your child:

  • Obviously you can hire a tutor
  • Use computer software - especially for a foreign language
  • Take an online or correspondence course for that subject
  • Take a course at a local college
  • Follow a curriculum that has everything the child needs to learn on his own
  • Use videos or lectures to support and supplement your subject
  • Take the course and learn right along with your child

What about College? - Whether your child wants to go to college or is looking to go into a trade or work for a while, there are also alternatives to college that you can explore.

In this computer age, there are more and more options available to students when it comes to higher education.  Although a four year degree is nice to have, sometimes the debt acquired with that can become overwhelming. Here is one option for how to homeschool college.

There are programs that allow you to take college classes while in homeschool high school from the comfort of your own home. Or you can pursue a profession that either provides hands on training or apprenticeship or doesn't require a degree at all

Here are some examples:

Performing arts


Sports and fitness

Computer programming

Internet Marketing

Network Marketing


Landscaping and Gardening

Retailing and Sales

Food services



I'm sure there are a whole host of other careers that you can pursue that don't require a college education

Career counselor - Be your own or get some coaching!

Students can feel very pressured to try to choose a career from the many options available to them.

Here are some ideas of how to discern the best career for you:

  • keep a notebook of things that you enjoy doing
  • take interesting workshops, seminars, courses
  • talk to adults that work in the fields you are considering
  • ask them why they chose their fields and how they got there\
  • observe your personal interests. what type of things do you enjoy - working with people, things, technical objects, music, arts, mechanical
  • write down things or topics that are important to you
    volunteer in the area you are interested in take a career assessment test.  You can find these in any library or book store.                

When you put all these ideas into practice, homeschool High School doesn't sound so overwhelming after all.

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