Benefits to Homeschooling

There are many benefits to homeschooling as many people will agree. Even if people don't agree with homeschooling, they will still usually admit that there are benefits. If someone homeschools, they can see the benefits almost every day.

benefits to homeschooling

Here are some of the benefits to homeschooling as I see it:

  • Less focus on peers - by not being in a school setting all day, students are not sucked into wanting to please their peers or be like them. Homeschool students spend time with their parents and siblings and possibly members of their extended family.
  • One on one tutoring usually not available in public schools - If you think back to a time in your life when you may have been tutored one-on-one, you will remember how much you were able to accomplish with that one teacher or volunteer. People think that you have to spend 6 hours a day instructing your child when you homeschool, but with one-on-one tutoring you get a lot more accomplished in less time.
  • Customized curriculum choices based on student's abilities, learning style and interests. This is one of my favorite benefits to homeschooling. I love being able to choose homeschool books and resources for my children based on their learning style and abilities. Although I have used some of the same books for all my children (like Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Apologia Science), I don't think any of them have received the same education. They each received a tailored education.
  • Parental control - parents can monitor what is studied. Although there are probably some subjects or topics in a public school that you don't want them to study, there may be subjects or topics that will never be taught in a public school that parents will want their children to know. That's the beauty of homeschooling - you can pick and choose what they study when.
  • Religious freedom - homeschool parents are free to teach their children their faith and beliefs and nothing more or less than that. They can teach them about other religions but always in the context of how it relates to their own faith.
  • homeschool benefits

  • Learn at own pace - here is another favorite benefit of homeschooling for me. Children can move as quickly or as slowly as they are able to go. If my children can pass the tests in the book, then there is not much reason for them to continue plodding along in a book that they already understand. On the other hand, if my child is having problems in a certain area, I can supplement with other resources or continue to go over the material until I am sure that they understand and grasp the concept.
  • Curriculum can go along with the values of the family - In the public school, curriculums often do not line up with the beliefs of most homeschool families. Children don't necessarily need a totally Christian curriculum, but their parents should be able to exclude parts of the curriculum if they are not beneficial for the children.
  • Greater chance for flexibility and opportunities to be spontaneous - homeschool field trips and spontaneous activities are a fun benefit of homeschooling. If the flowers are blooming and you want to run out and take a walk around the neighborhood, you have the flexibility to do that. If you hear of a great educational opportunity in your area on a given day, you are free to adjust your homeschool schedule to be able to take part in that activity. I think field trips are about the only thing I remember about my public school experience.
  • Safety - with the treats of guns and bombs in schools, security cameras and security guards, I would think that children would be quite a bit safer at home.
  • Character building opportunities - parents can take the time to address any character issues that they see in their children and spend time working with them to help them grow into well-adjusted adults who can give back to their families and communities.
Some people still choose not to homeschool and that's OK. I just think that the benefits to homeschooling far outweigh the work involved to start homeschooling and keep it going. Here are some more homeschooling advantages.

Don't get bogged down by homeschool curriculums, record keeping, schedules, subjects, books and resources, socialization issues or anything else. If you are called to homeschool your children, don't let anything stand in your way. You will be glad you did!

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