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I would like to have my first grader evaluated with a standardized test for her end of the year assessment. I have seen places to purchase a test from online, but I want a certified teacher to administer it. Do I have to get a certified first grade teacher or is any teacher acceptable? I have an aunt who is certified for special ed, but my daughter is not special ed. Could my aunt administer the test? Is there a testing center somewhere that I could take her to? We are in the Cleveland area. Also, I know I have to submit my assessment and my intent to homeschool next year together, but is there a deadline that they are due by? Thank you for your help.

My Comment:

I have never used the testing option for my children, but I have talked to lots of homeschoolers that have their children tested.

Any certified teacher with a license is fine for administering a test. I know that Christian Liberty Press offers tests that parents can administer if you want to change to that option.

We are about an hour outside of Cleveland. If you really want to take your child to a testing center, I would check with a local homeschool group or local homeschool mom that you know that could tell you if there is a testing center in your area. They might all be done for the year since I have heard people talk about taking their tests in May.

In our county, they just want the assessment/test and intended curriculum for the next year before the new school year starts. One year I sent my assessments in at the end of the school year and then my intended curriculum at the beginning of the school year and they had a hard time finding my assessment. My district told me that they wanted both sent in together, so I just do that now. If I were you I would call my local superintendent or county school district and ask them what they want when.

I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if something I have said is unclear or if you have any other questions.


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