Abeka Homeschool Curriculum - Options and Details

If you've even thought about homeschooling you have probably heard about Abeka homeschool curriculum. Some people just love it and say that it's the only thing they will ever use and some people hate it and say they will never use it again.

abeka homeschool

I can understand why people are drawn to this curriculum. Since most of us were not homeschooled, the only model we have is the traditional "school" model. Abeka fits the traditional school model that most of us are comfortable with. It brings the classroom setting home.

Most parents feel like they are "getting it all done" when they look at this curriculum because everything is covered and written out for you.

There is some teacher preparation involved. If you like a curriculum where you don't have to prepare much and your children learn on their own, then Abeka might not be what you are looking for.

If your children are visual or auditory learners and they like filling out workbooks, then this curriculum might work for you. If you're not sure of your child's learning style you can use an online test to determine that.

Abeka tends to introduce new concepts very quickly, especially in Math. You might need to slow things down and adapt the curriculum if your student has trouble keeping up with the curriculum.

Sometimes the curriculum repeats the same concepts over and over again and you might want to skip those if your child has already mastered them.

If your child is a hands-on/kinestetic learner, then you will definitely need to adapt Abeka and supplement with hands-on materials or your child could burn out quickly.

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum - A Sure Way to Burn Out??

I can understand how people are drawn to this curriculum and how they can easily burn out on this curriculum too. Doing the same thing every day - reading a book and answering questions can grow very mundane and stale.

Just because someone is forced to read or do grammar lessons, doesn't mean that they will love to read or be able to speak correctly.

You will want to make sure your child is developing a love for learning if you do end up using Abeka. As with any curriculum, if you find your child hating their schoolwork and becoming overly frustrated with the work they are required to accomplish, it might be time to reevaluate your curriculum choices.

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