Multiple ages to school..

by April K.

How can I effectively teach 5 kids who are different ages all in one day, and not have it take ALL day?

Response: That's a loaded question! Do you combine Science, Bible, History, PE, Music, Health for everyone? That is the only way to survive.

For example, you can study plants for Science at all levels. Your younger children can study the parts of a plant and your older children can go into greater detail. You can all be studying the same period of History.

I'm not sure if unit studies would make it easier for you or not, but that might be something to consider as well.

I often sit between 2 children and work with 1 while the other is working on something and then I switch. If you have little ones around it sometimes helps to assign 1 child to play with the little one while you help another child and then switch to have the other child keep the little one occupied. That way you get more done without lots of interruptions and frustration.

This way you are just doing Math and Language individually with each child along with whatever they need to finish up on the group activities.

I hope that helps you. Let me know if you need more information.

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