Homeschooling with Toddlers - Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Almost every homeschooler will probably be homeschooling with toddlers one at some point in their years of homeschooling. Toddlers are great little people and can add a great deal of joy to your life.

homeschooling with toddlers

Tips on homeschooling with toddlers when you have older children:

1. You can find many toys and gadgets for your toddler to play with and occupy their time, but they mostly want to spend time with you (or people).

2. Before you devote yourself to "school time" make sure you give your toddler your full attention. Cuddle with them, tickle them, look at books, do a puzzle.

3. Toddlers are taking in everything they see. Take time to point out little things you see around you as you go through the day. It just takes a few minutes to observe and explain something to a toddler.

4. Turn on some classical music. Most children enjoy music. Encourage them to dance and sing. It is a proven fact that children learn better when there is classical music playing softly in the background.

5. Encourage your toddler to count everything. They can count the plates as you put them on the table, help sort and count laundry, match socks, count raisins, nuts and M&Ms. Giving them a little counting snack can help tie them over if you aren't quite ready to prepare the next meal.

6. Observe trees, flowers and the weather with your child. Drawing trees and flowers help you and your child notice details. They may need help with this at first, but it can be really fun to see their creations.

7. Read to them and let them play with books. Older children can read to them too.

8. While you are working with an older child your toddler can be coloring next to you. They can also play with clay or playdough. If you're outside give them some chalk to use to write on cement.

10. Encourage your child to do puzzles and trace pictures or trace around objects.

If you want a written guide to help you know what to do with your child, just download 101 Activities Parents Can Do With Their Preschool Children at preschool ideas.

These are all constructive things they can be doing right next to you that encourage learning and are fun for them. Homeschooling with toddlers can work, you just have to make sure you include them when you can and give them the attention they crave sometimes.