How to Teach Multiple Grades with Ease

Just because you have children in multiple grades, doesn't mean you have to purchase curriculum for each child for each subject. Different grades can learn the same material at varying levels. In my opinion, the only subjects you need to purchase for each child would be their Language and Math.

multiple grades

Science, History, Art, Music, Bible, Physical Education, and Health can easily combine grade levels making life a lot less complicated for you. This can work well especially for younger grades. If you are reading great literature to your children for History, all of them can listen in. The younger children might listen better if they have Legos to play with or are allowed to draw or do a puzzle. My 14 year old still does puzzles during our reading time.

If you are studying the Revolutionary War period with one child, why would you study World War II with another child and Ancient Civilizations with another? Pick a time period to study and have everyone on the same page. Certainly different ages will be required different levels of work, but at least you are all talking about the same time period.

If you are studying machines in Science with one child, why would you study plants and animals with another, and the human body with still another child? This will burn you out quicker than anything.

Will my child learn everything if I combine multiple grades?

Yes, they certainly can! If you have your children home with you for at least their elementary years, you can spread all the learning out over those years and get everything covered in a good cycle. Over the course of the years that your children are home with you, they will got through that cycle at least once, if not more, and have exposure to all periods of history, subjects of science, and a bunch of music, art, Bible, PE and health topics.

Enjoy your children at their individual ages, but realize that they can enjoy the same material. If you have them write about what you learned as a group or if they have a project assigned to them, that is where you can require more detail for the older children.

You can all study weather, plants, animals, the Civil War, etc. at the same time. Older children can have projects or writing or extra reading to reinforce the concepts you want them to learn.Relax Momma! You can do this!