Course Providers and homeschool diplomas

by shelly

We have home schooled all our children. Our eldest child found a good job at her cousin's office and they didn't realy care that she didn't have a "proper" diploma. Our middle child had a hard time getting admission into a local community college because they did not recognize her Home schooling diploma. Our youngest is very concerned about this so we are looking into getting a diploma through a "school". One in mind is NARHS, North Atantic Regiona High School, in Maine. Does anyone know if this is a legit school and not a "diploma mill"?

How do other Home Schooling families work around this?

Response: Anyone who has any experience on this subject is welcome to comment.

I know you can take courses through various online schools like Keystone and get a diploma through them. You would have to pay for the courses for grades 9-12 in order to receive an accredited diploma.

I think you can get diplomas issued to you but those would not be from an accredited school. Most places probably don't need an accredited diploma, but if you needed that you might have to take your courses online.

Sorry I couldn't give you much help. Let me know if you find something that works for you and post your comment here. I'm sure others would be interested in knowing how to get a homeschool diploma.

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