Homeschool Music Curriculum with Lesson Ideas and Tips

When you think about homeschool music curriculum, realize that although it is an elective subject, it can have a powerful impact on how your children learn many other subjects.

There are many studies that prove that children excel in other subjects when they develop their musical talents. Parents can search for  list of those studies, but for now here are some tips on how to help children excel in music and then other subjects.

Homeschool music curriculum ideas:

homeschool music curriculum


Some parents choose to enroll their children in formal music lessons like piano or voice for the bulk of their homeschool music curriculum and instruction. Some students thrive by taking private lessons and others are burdened by that method of teaching. I have children that responded to lessons and children that didn't. To read more about our story you can read here.

Another option would be to participate in a homeschool co-op that provides an occasional music class. This exposes your children to music in an informal and fun environment for a short period of time.

Our local High School has an awesome music program and they allow homeschool students to participate in classes at the school. Once my children reach High School age, we allow them to take Choir at the school. It's just one period a day and seems to work out well for us.

If your local school does not allow homeschoolers to take a class or two, then you will probably have to pay for your own private music instruction if that is what you are looking for.

Instruments in the Home

For younger children, much of what you will need for homeschool music curriculum will just be some instruments that they can play with. You could have some small cymbals, a drum, a recorder, maracas, or just purchase a musical instrument kit at a toy store.

With a fingering chart you can easily show your children how to play simple songs on a recorder. Then if they show interest you can move on to piano or guitar. If you don't know how to play piano or guitar, you can either find a private teacher or ask a family member if they would be willing to teach your child an instrument.

A fellow homeschool mother and I traded lessons for a while one time. She taught my one daughter how to play the violin with her daughter and I taught her other daughter how to play the flute. We just met at one of our houses each week and each went into different rooms with our instruments for our lessons.

Play Music in Your Home

Playing various types of music in your home or in the car can expose your children to music too. When they are little you can use the Steve Green CDs and teach Bible songs. They can listen to classical music at any age. Just put the music on when you are cooking and let it play right on into dinner and beyond. Sometimes I get up in the morning and turn on classical or Christian praise music to get a calm start to our morning.

Take Your Children to Plays and Dramas

As I mentioned before, our local High School has an awesome music program. We take all our children to all their productions. They have a play in the Fall and Dinner Theater in the Spring. We've heard that the quality of these productions is College level or beyond. We don't know any different because we are so used to this great quality.

You would be surprised at all the cultural opportunities you and your children can be exposed to if you just look around. In the summer, many communities have free concerts in the park. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a homeschool music curriculum if you don't have it. Just keep your eyes open and the musical opportunities might just fall into your lap.

Church Musicals and Bands

When our children were younger, the childrens ministry almost always had at least one musical drama per year that our children were able to participate in.

Now our church Youth Group has a Praise Band so our children minister and participate in a music ministry in that capacity. If your church doesn't have musical dramas or bands, you might consider looking around in your community for opportunities for children to participate in musicals or dramas to supplement your homeschool music program.

If you want your children to be exposed to music, there are plenty of opportunities for them to do that in everyday life. You don't have to have the ability to play an instrument. If you can play a CD player, you will be just fine :))

A homeschool music curriculum can be purchased or you can just plan a music program from the resources mentioned above.