How to Homeschool Kindergarten Using the Best Resources

Whether you are new to homeschooling and want to know how to homeschool Kindergarten, or you're just stuck in a rut, you will get access to what has worked for us here.

I just love Kindergarten age children. They're just so cute and inquisitive. You can teach Kindergarten with or without a curriculum.

Many parents think that they need to go out and purchase a curriculum for Kindergarten so that they can "get it all done". It's funny to me that these parents taught their children to walk, talk and dress themselves along with a host of other skills, yet they don't think they can teach them what they need to know from there.

Here are some important things you should do with your child for Kindergarten:

1. Reading Time - Reading to a child at least 30 minutes per day not only encourages closeness between the parent and child, it also teaches the child about sentence structure, words, vocabulary and information. Help your child understand that words make sentences and sentences make up stories and give information. Show them that if they can read, they can learn about anything they want to learn about. Science and History can easily be taught using children's picture books. Here are my favorite books for science and social studies.

2. Game Time - Children learn so much from playing games. They learn how to take turns, strategize, count, learn colors, and much more. Take some time every few days to play a game with your child.

Homeschool Kindergarten

3. Community Time - Take your child to interesting places in your neighborhood and surrounding area. These don't have to be long, involved field trips. They just show your children that people have jobs and passions that they can enjoy and share with others. You can visit the post office, farm, bakery, zoo, park, or just go on a nature walk.

4. Questions - Most children naturally ask lots of questions about the world around them. Answer their questions! If you child doesn't ask questions, then help them start being more observant. You can say things like, "Look at the shape of the leaves on that tree. I wonder why they are shaped that way." or "I wonder where the water goes after it goes down the drain."

Frequent trips to the library encourage learning about Science and History. There are many good books about these subjects that Kindergarteners can enjoy. 

For Preschool and Kindergarten, the ebooks 101 Ways to Make Preschool Fun and 101 MORE Ways to Make Preschool Fun can come in VERY handy. Who needs a fancy curriculum or local preschool when you have 101 fun, simple, and educational activities all collected for you.

5. Use Resource Boxes - Gather supplies and place them in resource boxes putting similar items together. 

I use resource boxes and let my children choose from those boxes each day. We had a great time and learned a lot!

For more details on what I put into resource boxes, check my ebook here:

how to homeschool kindergarten

How to Homeschool Kindergarten

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