Teaching the struggling reader/speller/writer, yet intellectually gifted child

What resources do you suggest for the 10 yr old boy who isn't working at grade level? 4th grader spells on 1st grade level & reads on 2cd, 3rd grade on math, auditory comprehension of 12th grader. How does one teach to that? What resources for reading, spelling, writing, etc.? Spelling rules don't stick, but he's obviously very smart. This is an exceedingly frustrating situation for parent and child.

My Comments: Truthfully I have not had much experience with children with learning problems although my husband is a special education teacher at a local high school.

Here are a couple of pages on this site that address some special needs:
AGS books
Homeschool Aspergers

I hope this helps you some. Please let me know if these are not helpful and I can see what I can find for you.

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