Homeschool Art Curriculum - Materials, Books, and Favorites

Do you need a homeschool art curriculum? Art can be fun and interesting for everyone. It is definitely an elective course that doesn't need to be forced or mandated, but it can be interesting for both parent and child.

Here are some materials I suggest you have on hand for those budding artists:

1. Prismacolor Colored Pencils Set - There are lots of kinds of colored pencils out there, but these are the best and well worth the investment!

2. Prang Washable Watercolor Markers Set - Again, there are many kinds of markers out there but these are the best and not that much more expensive. You will buy less of these in the long run anyways.

3. Tracing Paper Pad - We like to trace coloring book pages instead of color them. Coloring doesn't really teach much about art except for color and staying in the lines. The idea is that if you trace enough arms or faces, you will be able to become proficient at drawing them.

4. Lots of pencils, markers, chalk, paint and any other items you can think of to draw or paint.

5. LOTS of papers of all different shapes, sizes and thicknesses!

6. Postcards of Masterpieces of Art - like Child Size Masterpieces of Steps 1, 2, 3 - Matching, Pairing, and Sorting - Level 1 Easy.

Art doesn't have to be boring! It also doesn't have to overtake your whole house and make a big mess either. Put everything into boxes and take the boxes out one at a time. If they want another box, they have to clean up the one they are using first. I believe in using hands on activities for my homeschool art curriculum. We use lots of books to teach art too. Below, I have listed all of our favorites...

Artist of the Month - One way to study art is to focus on one artist each month. It's pretty easy to find books on different artists like Monet,DegasImpressionists, and others.

These books are also very valuable in giving your children a hands on study of the great artists:

Favorite homeschool art curriculum resources:

7459: Draw Write Now, Books 1-6 Draw Write Now, Books 1-6
782046: I Can Do All Things Bundle Package with 4 Instructional DVDs I Can Do All Things Bundle Package with 4 Instructional DVDs
OR More Barry Stebbing Art Courses Homeschool Art Lessons - Here are some great DVDs you can use for a homeschool art curriculum to teach art in a fun and informative way. These are taught by master artists who truly love kids and want to help them learn. Read the full interview I did with the creator of this program. You can read my review at Art Class Curriculum.

Basically we just have these resources available to use. If you're finding that you don't fit art into your day, maybe declaring Fridays Music, Art and Game Day can help you get it included into your week. We don't use a formal homeschool art curriculum and like to use resources instead. If you belong to a homeschool group, you might be able to find some group art classes that your child can take.

Remember, too, that drawing is handwriting practice. If your child loves to draw but doesn't like to write letters, don't stress! He/she is using a lot of coordination to get that pencil to draw what his brain wants is fingers to draw. The handwriting will come. One of my children drew all the time and she has the best handwriting of all them! 

Art Seminar

I recently attended a homeschool art seminar that was presented by a local art therapist. She explained to us that all children are born 100% creative and they gradually learn to be less creative. We are often encouraged to create something just like the teacher instead of being shown different art techniques and then creating something from that knowledge.

No wonder my children didn't like coloring books and had limited interest in art programs!

At the end of our class, she handed each of us a blank piece of paper and showed us the resources she had available for us to use and told us to draw "creativity". Talk about intimidating! My husband and children are the creative ones in my family, not me!

I was able to do it and my picture turned out to be fairly interesting in the end. She really encouraged us to discuss our pictures. She said this part was probably more important than even creating the picture. It helps us to internalize what we have created.

All in all, the most important thing she stressed for a homeschool art curriculum was to focus more on the process of art than the product. It is more important for a child to create something than to copy a book or model.

This class really changed how I look at teaching art to my children and maybe even a few other subjects too....