Homeschool Curriculum Packages - Reviews and Popular Options

There are many homeschool curriculum packages available to homeschool parents. Are they really the best thing for the student or are there other ways to develop a love for learning?

Popular Homeschool Curriculum Packages:

1. Abeka - This is by far the most popular homeschool curriculum available. From my experience, some homeschoolers love it and some hate it. Here are some pages that should help you make an informed decision on whether Abeka should be your first choice:

homeschool curriculum packages

2. Alpha Omega - This is also another popular option when it comes to homeschool curriculum packages. The Lifepacs seem to offer a bit more self directed learning than Abeka. There are lots of options with this company. You can choose the traditional textbook option, computer based curriculum, or online curriculum.

  • Alpha Omega Lifepacs - Find out what's included and a get a list of the likes and dislikes listed by parents.
  • Alpha Omega Math - See what is included and all the options you have with Alpha Omega Publications.
  • AOP Monarch - Alpha Omega Publications new all online homeschool curriculum.
  • Horizons Math - Another option for math with Alpha Omega. Find out what's included and all the strengths and weaknesses of this program.
  • SOS Homeschool - Otherwise known as Switched on Schoolhouse. This is Alpha Omega's computer driven homeschool curriculum. Find out all the pros and cons of this popular program.
  • Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum - More information about what you get and don't get with Alpha Omega's computer school curriculum.
  • Switched on Schoolhouse Review - My personal review and experience with this program.
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3. Sonlight - Although Sonlight uses some textbooks, their main focus for learning uses a literature based approach. If your child enjoys reading or you enjoy reading to your children, then this program can be a great choice. You can purchase their core curriculum or just get certain subjects.

  • Sonlight Curriculum - Learn about the pros and cons and where you can purchase this curriculum for a good price.
  • Sonlight Homeschool - Find out the features, likes, and dislikes that other parents have mentioned when using this curriculum.
  • Sonlight Homeschooling - More information about whether Sonlight is the right package for your family.
  • Sonlight Review - More pros and cons and how to adapt Sonlight Curriculum if you need to along with my complete review of this program.

When looking at homeschool curriculum packages, be sure to keep the best interest of your child at the top of your list. Are you looking at these homeschool curriculum packages because these would be the best mode of learning for your child or are you trying to find something that will make you feel good about "getting it all done"?

Alternatives to Curriculum

I suggest that before you buy any homeschool curriculum packages, you get a homeschool learning style assessment for your child and have them go through it if they are 8 years old or older. This information was very valuable to me when choosing books and resources for my children because it helped me avoid purchasing programs that did not fit their learning style and possibly waste our money.

Your goal for homeschooling should be to help your child enjoy learning. Will they enjoy every math page? NO, but are there some subjects that they are passionate about that they study even when they don't have to? Developing a love for learning will take them far in life. Finishing a curriculum will help them learn how to complete something but will they really remember anything that they learned? Does completing a workbook mean your child knows what they read and wrote down? My one daughter completed many spelling workbooks and curriculums but still struggles a lot with spelling.

As you can tell already, after 16+ years of homeschooling, I'm not a big advocate of purchasing homeschool curriculum packages. They might be helpful for new homeschoolers for a couple of subjects or someone who struggles with being organized or disciplined. If you decide to got with any of the homeschool curriculum packages available, I suggest you just purchase a couple of subjects and use other resources for the other subjects.

Here are my favorite homeschool resources. Lately we have enjoyed the classical home school model using The Well Trained Mind book as our guide. I have also included LOTS of songs to teach various facts to my son and it has helped him remember SO much information that no workbook would have done. We have also enjoyed some homeschool unit studies from Amanda Bennett that have been really fun with TONS of information.

If you need some help with wading through all the options of homeschool curriculum packages and home school resources, feel free to check out my homeschool coach option. I would be glad to help anyone that needs help.