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Abeka is probably the most popular homeschool program available so I thought some people might want an Abeka review from a seasoned homeschool Mom.

In my 20 years of homeschooling I have seen many books, resources and curriculums. Some are very user friendly and some are not. Some are easy for children to use and some are not. Some lay out the lesson plans for you and some leave the door open for you to insert your personality and ideas and children's learning styles.

No program is right or wrong for anyone. If you know yourself and your children and can make an accurate assessment of the program you are looking at, then you will be able to decide whether it is right for your family or not.

Abeka Pros and Cons


1. Lesson plans - They tell you exactly what to say to your child when you are teaching him. Everything is scheduled and laid out in the  teacher manual.

2. Christian material - They use Bible verses and Biblical principles in all of their materials weaving it throughout every subject. You won't find any evolutionary content here.

3. Easy to Resell - If you like to get some money back from your books after you are done using them, Abeka is pretty easy to resell since many people are looking at it and are willing to buy it used. Their used books can be found all over the Internet.

4. Advanced Material - Their first grade material is equal to second grade public school material. If you and your child want a challenging, accelerated curriculum, then Abeka will give you that. You can look over the scope and sequence to get more information on what they cover.


1. Expense - They are one of the more expensive packages you can buy. If you are on a limited budget or aren't sure you want to spend that much money, then you might want to look into other options.

2. Textbook and Workbook Approach - Some students don't enjoy reading textbooks and answering workbook questions. Some parents want their students to learn like the public schools. If you want your children to learn material using textbooks and workbooks, then this program will do that for you.

3. High Burn Out Rate - Since they use an accelerated approach and cover a lot of material in a year, some parents and students get overwhelmed and burned out on homeschooling. If you choose this program, be aware that although you might be guided along by lesson plans, those lesson plans might be more than you can handle. Their  program was first designed for use in a Christian school with a group of students.

abeka review

4. Workbook Pages in Textbooks - If you want to resell your books, you might want to have your children do their work on a separate piece of paper. That way your book is still clean to resell. If your children would rather write in the book, then you might not be able to resell the book or will have to take a greater loss in resale value.

5. Editions Change Often - They tends to change their textbooks and workbooks on a regular basis. Many times if you plan to reuse the books for a younger child, you will find that often you cannot find a workbook that corresponds with the edition that you own.

Being aware of the pros and cons can help you make an informed choice. You know your children better than anyone else. Hopefully, after reading this Abeka review, you know what this program has to offer and can now make a more informed decision as to whether this matches up with your child's and your learning style.

Get the full Abeka Review on the video below...

 I don't recommend using it for the early grades because it is too advanced, workbook intensive and labor intensive for the parent. It just seems to take all the fun out of what you can do with your children in a simple and low-stress manner.

Hopefully, this Abeka review will save you some frustration in purchasing this program too early in your homeschool journey.

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Feel free to email me at the bottom of my help page with any questions you may have about this Abeka review. Or if you want some more personal attention and help in knowing what to use for homeschooling for this year, you can purchase an hour of my time at my coaching page. I hope this Abeka review has been helpful to you. 

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