Alpha Omega Math Curriculum Choices and Review

Alpha Omega Math can come in three different curriculum choices.

alpha omega math

You can purchase a math program through them with Lifepacs,  Horizons or  Switched on Schoolhouse.  Their Weaver curriculum does not include Math.

Lifepacs are consumable workbooks that come in 10 booklets per year per subject. This program tends to lend itself well to self-teaching. It is based on mastery learning where the student masters one unit before moving on to the next unit. You can purchase other subjects besides Math too.

Horizons Math is also a workbook driven program but it requires more parent involvement. You receive 2 student workbooks with 80 lessons each along with a teacher manual. Horizons also has the other main subjects you would need for homeschooling.

Switched on Schoolhouse Math is a computer based program. Your child completes all their work at the computer but can use paper and pencil to figure out the problems before entering the answers on the computer. If your student doesn't enjoy writing and likes to get instant answers to their math problems as they do them, then Switched on Schoolhouse Math might work well for you. They carry a complete line of the core subjects plus electives.

Switched on Schoolhouse is just used on your computer. This is not online schooling. You are free to delete sections of the coursework or adjust the schedule. One other advantage is that all the grading is done for you and you receive updates on your student's progress as to whether they are staying on track. One disadvantage is that you cannot resell any of the disks, but you are free to use them for other children in your family.

Depending on your child's learning style, your needs as a family, your philosophy of education and your homeschool budget, Alpha Omega Math has many different options for you. You can use anything from a simple workbook systema highly illustrated and interactive curriculum, or a computer driven program and now the new online program AOP Monarch.

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