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Abeka homeschooling materials are familiar to almost anyone that is thinking about homeschooling or has been homeschooling for any length of time. Although it is very popular, it may not be for everyone. Here is an article on this topic and my comments at the end.

Abeka homeschooling, properly known as A Beka Home School, offers three options for you and your child in establishing your home school. This article will discuss those three options.

Options with Abeka Homeschooling Curriculum:

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Option one is called a Video Option and offers a choice between an accredited and a non-accredited program. I am not sure why a parent would want to choose a non-accredited program for their child but if a parent did then the parent would be required to keep records of the child's performance. As for the accredited program, A Beka establishes report cards and maintains transcripts of the child's work. The program is available from K5-grade 12 and provides Christian textbooks and all necessary materials. The videos are said to be of high quality and features master teachers. There are basic courses as well as many electives to choose from. Under this option the parent is more of a facilitator since the actual teaching is done via the videos.

Option two is called the Traditional Parent-Directed Option. This is a fully accredited program directed toward students from K5 to grade six. Again, everything you need is provided from Christian textbooks to workbooks, lesson plans, homework assignments, and tests. A Beka does the record keeping. You do the teaching using the materials provided, including lesson plans and academic calendar. There are even flash cards and other teaching aids provided.

A Beka Book is option three which is called Textbooks/Materials for Home Schooling. This is a less formal program which covers nursery through grade 12 and is infused with biblical teaching throughout the textbooks and materials. No diploma is given for this course of instruction and no records are kept by the academy. This program seems to be more of an adjunct to another formal course of instruction rather than a stand alone program. Why would a parent ever choose a non-accredited school or program for their child?

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Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com Abeka Homeschooling - Three Options For Your Home School by Don Rodriguez

My comments about Abeka

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This article gives a pretty clear example of what Abeka homeschooling has to offer. They do have accredited and non-accredited options.

I don't agree with his last questions of why a parent would choose a non-accredited option. There are plenty of reasons! Most homeschool parents like to have control over what their children are learning. They like to have the option of working ahead or slowing down according to the needs of their children.

I would say that the great majority of parents that choose Abeka use the non-accredited approach. That way if their children need to switch to a different program they have that option.

Another reason parents choose the non-accredited approach is because of cost. Most homeschool families live on one income because one parent is teaching the children, so there is not much extra money to be spent on an expensive accredited program.

Students don't need an accredited program unless they are planning on attending an Ivy League school. At the end of homeschool High School parents can easily compile their children's school work into homeschool transcripts that are accepted by most colleges.

Don't let Abeka talk you into thinking that you HAVE to have an accredited homeschool. Believe me, there are very few out there. Your child will do just fine with your guidance.

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