Abeka Preschool Curriculum Tips, Tricks, and Observations

There are two options for Abeka preschool curriculum. They have a nursery curriculum for ages 2-4 and a 4 year old curriculum for ages 4-5. Whenever looking at a curriculum, it's important to remember the reason why it was written. Abeka curriculum was written for use in a classroom setting. Although they sell to homeschool parents, the original curriculum was written to be used by a teacher with a group of students.

Observations about Abeka Preschool Curriculum:

  • The 4 year old curriculum comes in 2 formats, cursive or manuscript. This tells me there will be workbooks involved.
  • The child kit comes with books, alphabet flash cards, writing tablets and phonics instruction.
  • The parent kit comes with teachers manuals, charts, flashcards, phonics and number manuals.
  • Bible curriculum - an extra Bible curriculum is available for purchase at $210

Questions to ask before you purchase:

  • As a child, did I learn what I needed to learn using workbooks?
  • Does your child like flashcards? They will use lots of these for various concepts with this curriculum.
  • Does your child enjoy filling in workbooks?
  • Is your child advanced for their age? Are they ready to start writing in cursive?
  • Do you want to recreate a public or private preschool learning environment in your home or are you comfortable with your child learning with a variety of methods?
  • What is your homeschool budget? I suggest you stay within your budget no matter what. You might have to trade some of your time for money if you don't have enough money to purchase exactly what you would like.

Oftentimes I find that parents have a love/hate relationship with Abeka. Some parents just love it and don't feel that it is advanced or tedious at all. Other families find that both parents and students end up hating the curriculum. As with everything, I encourage people to get all the facts and pros and cons about any resource or curriculum they are thinking about purchasing (especially if it is as expensive as Abeka!).

abeka preschool curriculum

Other Preschool Curriculum Options:

Preschool Ideas - Sometimes a guide is all a parent needs to give them all the ideas and resources they need to teach their children effectively. Check out preschool ideas for a guide to all you need for preschool homeschooling.

Horizons Preschool Complete Curriculum & Multimedia Set - If you are looking for a packaged curriculum alternative to the Abeka preschool curriculum, this is another option.

How to Homeschool Kindergarten - For a low stress high results method, check How to Homeschool Kindergarten ebook. Although not a packaged curriculum, it gives you plenty of ideas that you can use as a guide and resource for your family.

Songs for Preschool - Children can learn so many things by singing. My children learned all their states, presidents, lots of Bible verses, grammar concepts, ABCs, multiplication facts, world geography, and much more all from singing songs.

Whether you use a preschool curriculum, a guide, or your own ideas, be sure to pray about your decisions and let God guide you to the best choice for your family.