Abeka Science Curriculum Review and Information

Abeka Science promotes the Biblical values of subduing the earth and the fact that the earth is created by God. They speak against evolution and reinforce the fact that God designed the world and we would have nothing without Him.

abeka science

This is refreshing to know although there are certainly some drawbacks to their science program too. Here are some pros and cons and information on what other parents are saying about it.

Some experiments - There are some experiments throughout the books with more experiments in the upper grades. The books include vocabulary, questions, and pictures.

Teacher manuals You can purchase teacher manuals with lesson plans if you need to know what to do when. For the younger grades you can sometimes get away with just purchasing the teacher edition and not the student edition. You have to read the book to your student anyways, so why waste getting both the teacher manual AND the student book.

The older grades include a textbook, test book, quiz book, student activities book and answer keys for each book. The teacher manual has answers for the textbook and answer key.

In grades Kindergarten through grade six, Abeka includes consumable work texts where students answer questions on vocabulary, comprehension and the material covered in each chapter. But remember that just because someone answers all the questions in a workbook, that doesn't mean that they will retain what they learned.

Some parents say that, in the younger grades, you might want to supplement with library books.

Here's what some parents are saying about Abeka Science:

abeka science curriculum
  • interesting and informative
  • photos are gorgeous
  • books are self-contained
  • teacher manual/guide is optional - or just purchase answer keys
  • text is not very interesting
  • not very interesting for kids - might need to supplement
  • your children might not develop a love of Science from these books

Basically, this is a textbook method of teaching used by Christian schools. If you want to mimic how teachers in public or Christian school teach, then Abeka should work well for you. Some students do well with a textbook/workbook approach to science and others get bogged down by the amount of busy work they have to do filling in blanks all the time. Each parent needs to pray and evaluate for themselves whether this method is the best for their student.

If you want a more interesting or hands on approach to Science, I know we have enjoyed Considering God’s Creation and the Apologia Science series along with other Science resources.