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Every homeschool family needs home school resources. We all have different methods, backgrounds, and ideas about homeschooling. Each homeschool will look different and be unique.

I’ve written a bunch of pages on this site relating to many aspects of home school resources. Hopefully this list will be helpful to you:

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Getting Started and Keeping Going

Most people start homeschooling by finding out about their state homeschool laws. Then they look at their child’s learning style and decide what homeschool supplies and homeschool books they need from there. Start with a homeschool budget and you can’t go wrong.

When you find your style and get the right books and resources you can settle into a routine and your children will know what you expect of them each day. Some parents find it helpful to join homeschool support groups or online groups or connect with other homeschoolers locally, and others find it is better for them to stay home and stay focused.

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Books, books and more books…

Do you need to buy a curriculum and use
homeschool lesson plans and a homeschool schedule? Do you just need books and a checklist? Do you want to pursue homeschool unit studies or do you want to completely do your own thing? All the information you need to pursue these areas of study can be found somewhere on the Internet too.

Need guidance on how to buy or sell used homeschool books and used homeschool curriculum for homeschooling? I have been doing this for years and have collected lots of valuable knowledge in all of these areas.

Get a list of my favorite homeschool resources. It's always fun to see what a veteran homeschool mom has used with success.

Ideas for Homeschooling -

Whether you are looking for homeschool games, ideas for homeschooling in the summer, homeschool field trip ideas, Internet resources for homeschooling, you can find them all on the Internet.

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There are tips and techniques for avoiding homeschool burnout along with encouraging quotes and lists of famous homeschoolers that can help encourage homeschool Moms. Many moms read home school articles or blogs that give them just what they need to get the advice and information they need. When the homeschool sibling rivalry gets too intense, there are articles and books that homeschool moms can read to help with that too.

Some parents want some guidance on what to watch out for when joining homeschool support groups or a homeschool co-op. Some parents enjoy seeing the favorite homeschool resources, schedules and lesson plans of others.

Getting a FREE homeschool planner and putting together a homeschool record keeping system can be very helpful to homeschool moms especially when teaching multiple grades. When all the choices get to be too overwhelming, then you can contact a homeschool coach like me. You can talk with me, another homeschool mom, one-on-one to help you know what is best for your family when choosing home school resources.

For moms who need to earn a little extra money or who want to help their children be able to earn money, they can check out homeschool home business ideas.

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