Abeka Curriculum and Books - Good for Families?

Many Christian and home schools use Abeka curriculum. The company was started about 30 years ago and was first used by students at the Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida. The Academy has been in existence for over 60 years and was used to help develop the this curriculum. It is one of the largest Christian schools in America.

Even 30 years ago, there was not much material available for Christian schools. The school probably wanted to use a program that was more Christian based, that instilled Christian values through their textbooks.

Dr. Arlin Horton is the President and founder of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Academy, and Abeka Book. He seems to be well respected in the Christian community and sounds like he is a great leader.

Text Book Method of Teaching

The Abeka curriculum teaches using textbooks and teaching aids that have a Christian base. The Bible is taught through all subjects. Since it uses mostly textbooks, it is considered to be a traditional method of education.

They offer material for all ages, from preschool up through grade 12. They provide all subjects any homeschooler would use. You can choose from several options when you purchase from them. You can get a fully accredited program along with videos taught by another teacher all the way down to purchasing whatever books you want from them and doing all the teaching yourself. 

What Other Parents say about Abeka Curriculum:

abeka curriculum

Many parents like how the lesson plans are laid out in an organized and systematic way. The only problem with that is if you need to move ahead or slow down a bit, it might mess up the flow of learning. Many parents also think that there is a lot of workbook material for the child to complete each day. 

As long as parents understand that Abeka was written for a classroom setting, they can adjust accordingly or decide that they want to pursue a different method of learning and take advantage of the flexibility of homeschooling.

They have a strong phonics program that parents feel gives children a strong base for learning to read, although, again, it is set up for a classroom situation.

Many parents seem to either love or hate this curriculum. Some parents rave about the Phonics and Math programs and how they have helped their children be the readers and math whizzes that they are today. Other parents say that they and their children just hated it. They said that it was too repetitive or that it moved too quickly.

As with any homeschool program, the parent needs to take into account their child’s learning style and the information they can gather about a certain curriculum and decide whether this one is a fit for their child. Some parents said Abeka was perfect for one child and totally wrong for another child. Some parents feel that the curriculum is not the problem, and that the parent just needs to make the child work and do what is required of them.

Each parent will have to answer for their own child. I’m glad that I don’t have to answer for your child and that you don’t have to answer for mine.

For a complete review check my article for a list of pros and cons.

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