Abeka History Program Information and Details for Parents

Abeka History is based on the Bible’s view of History, Economics and Government. They portray truthful accounts of the people and struggles of History in a textbook format.

abeka history

They give a good historical perspective and promote patriotism and traditional values in such a way that helps children want to return to those values. Abeka believes in a God-ordained system of government.

Textbooks - The textbooks make children aware of the pitfalls of liberalism, socialism and communism. The stories are all presented with a conservative view about what has happened over the time of the world’s existence. They are still textbooks though and are not like reading good historical fiction.

Early Elementary - The first and second grade programs just use a textbook and teacher manual (optional). In third grade they make available an answer key to the comprehension questions, quiz and test book, quiz and test key, map skills book, maps skills key along with the textbook and teacher manual. As you can see, there are a lot of books to order and keep track of. Many times this age of student can learn more from picture books using ahomeschool social studies program instead.

Middle Elementary-High School - In fourth grade, they add in a reviews book, Geography, Maps and Review book, keys for reviews books, teaching maps, states and capitals flash cards, My State Notebook, Nation notebook and Canadian Notebook. In fifth grade you can purchase these extra activities along with map skills cards. This program of books, tests and keys continue on through twelfth grade. Again, there are quite a few books to purchase and complete. Each parent needs to evaluate whether all these workbooks are necessary. 

Abeka History may or may not be for you . . .

Abeka History might not be for you if you:

  • prefer to read living books about history.
  • don’t want to have to follow a teacher guide.
  • your children don’t like textbooks.
  • Like to use a more hands on approach
  • Don’t have money to purchase the extra books, keys and test booklets that Abeka has to offer.

Abeka History might be for you if you:

  • Like reading textbooks.
  • Enjoy following a teacher manual.
  • Like to be prompted in exactly what to say when.
  • Like to use a textbook approach to teaching.
  • Have plenty of money to spend on homeschooling.
  • Want to teach like a public or private school

As with any History program, parents need to know what they are getting, how they like to teach and how their children learn best. If you make an informed choice about your homeschool materials, you will have a better chance of purchasing what is best for your family and have a productive and enjoyable year.

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