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Abeka Math is a traditional workbook style math program. Abeka even finds a way to weave God into math instruction. They give God glory for how he created the order of math and believe that math is based on God’s laws. They believe that math is part of the order of God’s universe and encourage diligent work when learning math.

abeka math

Spiral Approach to Teaching Math - They use a spiral approach to teaching math meaning that they cover the same topics for several years. Each year the material gets a little more in depth. Your child might learn working with money, addition, telling time and fractions in first grade and then be introduced to it again in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade or later.Many children do not completely grasp the math concepts the first time or they don’t remember them from year to year. The thinking then is that if the concepts are introduced year after year for several years in a row, your child will eventually master them.

Problems with the Spiral Approach - The problem comes in for those children that HAVE mastered the concepts and are now continuing to have to do the workbook pages for those concepts. Another problem is with math facts. Sometimes the spiral approach does not reinforce the facts enough to where the child forgets them or doesn’t master them completely.

One way to combat this is to add your own review of math facts on a more regular basis or to work on mastering the math facts and THEN starting a workbook method.

Comments from parents about Abeka Math:

Some parents feel that Abeka math:

  • Moves too fast - advanced pace
  • Just used worksheet after worksheet
  • Doesn’t work for hands on learners
  • Gets repetitious (skip those parts)
  • Has lessons all laid out for you
  • Reviews past concepts well - daily review
  • Provides a solid foundation for math
  • Presents new concepts clearly
  • Good curriculum for gifted children

You know your child best. Look over the curriculums available and take into account their learning style and your teaching style and you should be able to find a program that is a good fit for your family.

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