Switched on Schoolhouse Review for Homeschool Families

Here is my Switched on Schoolhouse review and our experience with this curriculum. One of my daughters used this program a few years ago for two years for Language and Math in 5th and 6th grades.  

For the most part she enjoyed using it except when there were projects that she didn't want to do.  The computer kept track of all the grading and scheduling for me. She always knew where she stood and what lessons she had to do each day. We did feel that towards the end of the year the lessons piled up more and we felt that they should have been distributed more evenly throughout the year.

switched on schoolhouse review

Pros and Cons of Switched on Schoolhouse:


1. Christian based curriculum.

2. Grading is all done for you except for essays or answers that require writing sentences.

3. Scheduling of what is to be done each day is handled by the computer program.

4. Flexibility - you can delete any lesson or sections of lessons that you choose.


1. Student is at the computer during the whole time they are filling in their answers to questions.

2. The computer is tied up and not available for use by anyone else while the child is doing his/her lessons.

3. If the student decides they don't like the program or what is required of them in the lessons, you are stuck with this for the year unless you abandon it and purchase something else.

4. You have to enter in any days off or vacation days at the beginning of the year to make sure the schedule is distributed properly.

5. Switched on Schoolhouse is basically a textbook approach to learning. If you want a literature or relaxed method of homeschooling, then this program will probably not fit in with your philosophy of education.

More thoughts on SOS Alpha Omega Curriculum:

My daughter enjoyed this program, for the most part, when she was using it. I liked the fact that the scheduling and grading were all done for me. We knew exactly what lessons she had to do each day and when she got behind.  At the end of the two years I asked her if she wanted to continue and she said she preferred to go back to a paper system rather that computer. So we did that and she hasn't asked for the computer based program since.

My other two daughters did not have any interest in this program. The daughter younger than this one, used the SOS disks that we had for a few weeks when she grew into them and decided that she would rather work with paper than the computer screen.

If you do use the program after reading this Switched on Schoolhouse review, make sure you make a copy of the disk for daily use.  That way if the disk gets scratched or damaged in any way, you still have the original to make another copy.

I can't tell you in this Switched on Schoolhouse review whether you should get this program or not. It really depends on your child and your learning philosophy, as to whether this program will be a good fit for your family.  I hope this review has been helpful to you in making that decision.

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