Switched On Schoolhouse Curriculum - Pros and Cons

As with any homeschool curriculum, Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum has it's pros and cons. The fact that it is a Bible-based curriculum for grades 3-12 and uses the computer for teaching can be both positive and negative for different families.

What you get when you purchase Switched On Schoolhouse Curriculum:

switched on schoolhouse curriculum

  • Computer disks or Internet based connection
  • Approximately 130 lessons per subject
  • 5 subjects available. Choose 1 or all 5
  • Interactive learning environment along with video clips
  • Daily work report able to be customized by the parent
  • Up-to-date content not available when you use textbooks
  • Ability to read the lessons or have the read to the child
  • Learning games to help reinforce concepts and details
  • Print options for lessons and worksheets

What you don't get:

  • Secular curriculum
  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • Teacher manuals or lesson plans
  • Resaleable curriculum
  • Preschool - 2nd grade curriculum

For parents and students who are looking for a self teaching curriculum that takes care of grading and record keeping, the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum might be just what they need. Parents control the calendar, grading scale and even what version of the Bible they want their children to use. SOS takes care of providing an interactive learning environment with animation, learning games and special effects, personalized lesson plans that help pace the student, and much more.

More Features:

Writing assignments and projects are also included as part of the curriculum. If the parent feels that these are not necessary or too difficult, they can be adjusted or deleted. The program installs very quickly on the computer. Once installed and up and running, all the students work is graded automatically. Students and parents receive a daily work report telling exactly what needs to be done for the day. If the student works quickly, they can work ahead or if the student works slowly the parent can adjust the assignment schedule.

The content for the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum is more up to date than textbooks because the program is easily updated through the website. Although the disks can't be resold, parents are still getting quality material.

A feature that was not available several years ago when we used SOS is that the students have the option to have their material read to them. They also have the option of highlighting passages of their reading to help when studying for tests.

Calendar - parents can assign and unassign school days. You can start and finish on the days that you choose. If you have lessons or activities on a certain day, you can adjust the work load accordingly.

Students can print any part or all of their work. If the computer time becomes too cumbersome, lessons and worksheet pages can all be printed. There are also several nice tools provided with the curriculum too. Students can access a calculator, dictionary, and periodic table of the elements.

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