Plan Your Homeschool Year with This Free Planner

homeschool planner

Having a good planner can make mapping out your next year of homeschooling a breeze and having a free one can make it even better. Below is the one I use. Feel free to use it and let me know what you think about it if you like.

I usually try to take some time after our school year is over to plan out what we should do for the next year.  That way my children's progress is fresh in my mind and I can think about where they should go from there. My husband is a public school teacher so we do more hands on learning in the summer like gardening, swimming, doing building projects, etc.

To start working on my next year, all I do is get out a piece of paper or spreadsheet and list the topics to cover across the top of the paper.  Then I list each child's name down the left side of the paper.  

This is what my paper looks like: My Homeschool Planner

Then as I'm looking through catalogs or just thinking and praying about what each child should be doing the next year, I just write it down in the appropriate column. A parent can have this list with them throughout the year as the come across different ideas or books. They can fill in the paper all through the year and then evaluate when they are ready to make some purchases.

Leave yourself lots of room and write down anything that is a possible course of study for your child. Then when you feel that you have looked and prayed enough, you go through and circle one item under each subject for each child.

If you are using the same material for a subject for more than one child, that should work with this system too.  You just write the same material in the column for each child that will be using that material. 

Those items that you don't circle for that year can always be looked at the next year.  When you're all finished you should just be able to look at the circled items on your page and not have to worry about the rest.  This helps me focus when I get off track with choosing our resources for the next year.  I can just concentrate on what I know I have decided to study for the next year.


If you want to see a list of my favorite resources, you can just check them out and get the whole list....

Feel free to email me if you need clarification on any of this.