Homeschooling Programs

When thinking about homeschooling programs, most people think that means curriculum.

Although many families use homeschool curriculum, there are many good resources you can also use.

Curriculum - There are some programs that you can purchase that provide all the subjects for homeschooling.

Abeka curriculum

Bob Jones

homeschooling programs


Sonlight curriculum

Alpha Omega Lifepacs and AOP Monarch their online program.

Switched on Schoolhouse

School of Tomorrow

Subjects - You can purchase homeschool programs by subject from various publishers.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Homeschool Language Arts

Homeschool Science curriculum

Homeschool History curriculum

Homeschool Reading

Homeschool Writing curriculum

Homeschool Bible

Homeschool Art curriculum

Homeschool Music curriculum

Homeschool Grammar

Homeschool Spelling

When choosing homeschool resources or books always keep in mind the different methods and learning styles that are available for teaching and that you want to pick the books and resources that will be best for your child.

You can teach history by reading to your child and having them answer questions orally, by having your child read historical fiction, or by having them read a textbook and answer questions. Remember that Art is penmanship practice and that your children don't necessarily have to fill in lots of workbooks to be able to learn something.

Field trips also add a great deal to homeschooling because they make the information come alive. Children can connect what they read with what they see.

Parents just need to take a good hard look at their children and what makes them tick and then spend some time praying about their book choices. God created them and their children and knows them best. Who better to guide your curriculum choices than the One who created all of you?

For extra help with homeschooling - download the free ebooks listed at the side of this page called How to Homeschool with the Best Resources and How to Get Started with Homeschooling

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