School of Tomorrow
Pace Workbook Program Review

Although School of Tomorrow is not as popular as the mainstream publishers like Abeka and Bob Jones, I feel it is just as good as any other program I have seen. The cost seems to be lower also, which is a plus.

The ins and outs of School of Tomorrow

school of tomorrow

Each subject contains 12 smaller workbooks called Paces. The student completes one workbook in about 3 weeks, which then adds up to 36 weeks of school. There are no textbooks. All the information your student needs is contained in the workbooks themselves.

Most of the pages contain fill-in-the blank type questions and there is a test at the end of each Pace (approximately every 3 weeks). The student can be required to score an 80% on their test in order for them to be able to move on to the next Pace workbook.

There are no lesson plans for the parent to prepare. Your child can work at their own pace, usually 3-4 pages per day at a minimum. They can write the date that their book needs to be completed in the back of each book if they like.

If a younger student struggles with reading comprehension, they might have trouble with this program. Although it is a very thorough approach, sometimes, children who are used to filling in the blanks tend to not be able to think outside the box. They get used to the fact that all the answers are contained in the book and might need some help expanding their thinking skills.

I think the pages are more interesting than the Alpha Omega Lifepacs. SOT is a self-teaching friendly program. It also works well for visual learners and children who enjoy doing workbooks.

We used it for 9th and 10th grade for one of our children for Language and History. We tried the Geometry program but did not like it because it was difficult for my child and us to understand and did not teach the concepts in an organized manner.

I would suggest using School of Tomorrow for several subjects but not a full curriculum although I know people that use it for a full program with success. We just like to have a more varied approach to our homeschool using different learning methods to give a more well rounded education. The subjects that lend themselves to workbooks like Math and English would work well using this curriculum.