Homeschool Learning Style Assessments Save Years of Frustration!

Homeschool learning style is basically just what the name states - the way that you learn best. In my experience, knowing how my children learn has been a very valuable tool for me when working with each of them.

Get a  better idea of how to:

Choose the books and resources they will need

Know the best environment to provide to help them learn

Organize their day for optimal learning

Know what to expect of them at different times of the day

Understand how they look at the world

Understand how they think and what is important (and not important) to them

There is a common learning style modality that deals with kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners. While those are a good place to start, an assessment gives you a complete workup on your child helping you to understand what environment they learn best in, what REALLY motivates them, how they relate to people and their environment and MUCH more.

Once parents have all this information, they can plan their homeschool days and years with much less frustration because they know what will motivate their students.

How to get a homeschool learning style assessment . . .

homeschool learning style

You can get an assessment online by having your children take the test at the website link below. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the test and only requires a third grade reading level. Children should wait until they are at least 8 years old to take an assessment, but anyone above that age, through adults, can take the test and learn a lot about themselves.

Once they are done taking the online assessment, you will receive more than the generic visual, auditory, kinesthetic learner evaluation. You can discover how they prefer to interact with others, whether they would rather create, perform, etc. My children learned more about each other than I ever expected them to learn. The test helped them accept each other's unique personality more.

To get a $5 discount on an Assessment, you can go to this website. This is the one I use and recommend to others. It's much easier to use this system instead of trying to figure it out on your own and you get a lot more information about your child.

To hear a short interview with one of the creators of the Learning Style Assessments, go to this interview and hear more about this valuable homeschool tool.