Homeschool Writing Curriculum Ideas and Tips for Success

Every homeschool parent would love to find a homeschool writing curriculum that will teach their children how to write and love it. Here are some ideas you can use to help you teach your children how to write well.

homeschool writing

After many years of homeschooling, I can say that I haven't found a homeschool writing curriculum yet that I truly like until this year. We tolerated some writing programs, but never found one that we could recommend to anyone else. This year we found Writing With Ease (for elementary) and The Writing Course (for older students). You can read my reviews of these programs at Writing with Ease and homeschool writing programs. Below are some resources we have used that have helped us along the way. Hopefully they will help you in your quest to help your children be good writers.

Should you use a homeschool writing curriculum? Tips to help you decide:

homeschool writing curriculum
  1. Write each day. Although your child does not have to write a composition each day, they should do some writing each day whether it be in a journal or as a composition. For younger children they can dictate stories to you or copy stories or poems from books. All About Spelling has helped my sons writing tremendously. What boy would not want to write the phrase "sick duck" or "stuck in mud" when they are going through their spelling lesson. Not only is this a great spelling program but it also helps reluctant writers!
  2. Start titling pictures when they are young. I got this idea from the book Any Child Can Write by Harvey Weiner. When your children draw a picture ask them what the title is. Then either write the title for them and have them copy it or help them write the title themselves. This is a great book to have on hand to give you ideas on how to get your children to write and how to incorporate writing into your day. There is a great list in the back of the book of 100 writing ideas too.Whether you get it from the library or order it, every homeschool parent should read this book.
  3. Use a homeschool writing curriculum if you like - We have used Institute for Excellence in Writing and Writing Strands but did not enjoy them at all. Spectrum Writing was OK but keeping a writing notebook, making lists, writing each day and writing in a journal have all helped more than anything. Now we use Writing with Ease and The Writing Course. Writing with Ease is written by Susan Wise Bauer and goes along with the First Language Lessons series and The Well Trained Mind. Writing with Ease can be used along or with First Language Lessons. I love all her stuff.

Once students get into High School you can use a program like Jensen's Writing or The Writing Course to teach composition. If your children have been read to, read good literature themselves, and either copied or written work each day, they should be able to write a good essay without too much trouble.

If you have problems getting your children to write each day, just tell them that you will get them one of the boring writing workbooks to complete instead. I would think that anyone would choose writing their own creation over having to fill out a pre-planned writing workbook.