Teaching Homeschool Reading 100 Easy Lessons and More

Every parent wants their child to learn to read. The process to homeschool reading can be very simple. There are many programs out there. Be sure to choose one that fits in with your child's learning style. Don't get too worried if one doesn't work. There are plenty out there that can help your child learn to read.

 Our family favorite is Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Children need to be read to almost as much, if not more, than they need to learn to read. I can't stress this enough. Preschool and early elementary children should be read to at least 30 minutes per day!

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I have found that when I approach teaching letters, wordpronunciation, spelling, etc. it is very important for me to help my child understand that when letters are put together they make words and when words are put together they make sentences and when sentences are put together they make books. Explain to them how wonderful it will be when they will be able to read a whole book on their own.

You can relate learning to read with learning to riding a bike to your child. At first my children felt very awkward and unsure ofthemselves when they first started to try to ride a bike. It took quite a bit of concentration and time to accomplish this task. But they worked at it and concentrated and, therefore, learned how to ride a bike. Learning to read can be approached in the same way. You feel awkward and unsure of yourself when beginning, but over time with concentration and practice, they can learn how to read. You can use many other analogies from life to illustrate this point that relate to learning to read.

4 Phases of Teaching Homeschool Reading

**In my opinion, teaching your child to read and homeschool reading comes in 4 phases. Each phase can last from 1 day to 2 years depending on the child.

First they learn the alphabet.

Second they learn to put consonants and vowels together to form words.

Third they learn that vowels can change their sound depending on where they are in a word and what letters are around them.

Fourth they learn about blending consonants together like th, ch, br, etc.

Once a child knows how to read they should be encouraged to continue reading with you and on their own. Older children can read several chapters a day.

If you're having trouble getting your child to read on his own, make sure you are getting books that interest him. A trip to the library should give him plenty of choices.

Another idea for reading on their own is to have some reading time with you where you sit together and each read a book on your own. This is good therapy for Mom to sit down and take a break if possible.

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