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When looking for a Bible curriculum or teaching resource, many parents think that they need to buy and expensive program to teach their children. Although this article states that he believes that parents don't need to home school their children, he still has some good things to say about options for religious instruction. Here is the article and my comments that give you some ideas of the choices you have. My comments are at the end.

Bible Homeschooling - You Have Many Choices by Don Rodriguez

Interested in Bible homeschooling? Then you have many choices. Although many parents mistakenly argue that the Bible commands them to teach their children at home as opposed to sending them to public or private schools, what the Bible actually teaches is that parents should teach the word of God to their children at home; the Bible offers no advice on whether reading, writing, and arithmetic ought to be taught at home or at a public or private school. Nevertheless, for those parents who are interested in teaching their children at home and a biblical perspective is important, there are many choices to choose from.

There are Catholic schools which provide a complete program for home schools. There are also evangelical and other perspectives on the Bible. Baptist as well as nondenominational views are also prevalent. Parents can choose a complete program from a religious world view or they can combine religious education with secular training. Endless possibilities exist, limited only by the parents own desires and ingenuity.

Lifepac and Sonlight are two of the most popular Bible based programs from a Protestant perspective. Seton Home is a nationally recognized source for Catholic homeschooling. These schools provide the core state required courses in addition to their religious based courses. Some of the schools even have Bible math and history. So the options are endless.

Parents might wonder how do they go about deciding which program is right for their child. It might be helpful to narrow the choices down to your own religious view and then choose the one which works best for you and your child. You should also seek the advice and counsel of those persons you would ordinarily consult with on important matters. Fortunately, most of the schools allow you to test drive their courses before you buy and doing so is highly recommended.

If you would like more information about homeschool lesson plans [] as well as general information on homeschooling, please visit [] These links are not active but I am required to include them here.

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My Comments: Although purchasing a packaged program sounds appealing, unless you have lots of money laying around, you can do just as well with just a Bible and inexpensive resources.

If your children see you use an expensive program and then see you cheat or lie to your neighbor, friend or person in authority, then you have wasted your money. It's much more important that your children have parents that are studying the Bible on their own, attending a Bible teaching church, and living out their faith every day.

The author mentions Sonlight and some others. I was surprised he didn't mention Abeka. They are fairly well known for their packaged programs, although it is very expensive.

What to Use Instead of Curriculum  . . .

Along with reading the Bible to your children and memorizing verses, you can get lots of good children's Bible story books to read to them giving you a complete program. Mary Mainz Simon has written some excellent stories that you can use to teach reading or reinforce reading along with learning the Bible. Here is a link to all of her titles at Christian Book Distributors:

Mary Mainz Simon

Bible Memorization Printable - Check out my easy-to-use printable to help you and your children memorize bible verses with ease with ´╗┐Bible Memory Boxes´╗┐.

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Usborne also has some great Bible tales that you can use as readers or as story books - The Prodigal Son, Jonah and the Whale, or a hardcover collection of their best Bible Tales Readers.

Usborne Biblehomeschool

Grapevine Studies are really not a curriculum but they do have a fun way of using stick figures to teach bible lessons. Check out their free lessons below and see how their resources work.

Scripture Memory with Music - My children have always learned better to music. In the area of scripture memory, the Hide em in your Heart series by Steve Green have been the best.

Scripture Release offers 24 free Bible memory songs that you can download from their site. Did I mention that these are free?!!

For older students -

For older children, you can get some tools for them like a Student Bi ble Dictionary, a Concordance, and How to Study Your Bible books to help them in their studies.

Teen lessons by topic are available if you want to give your teenager some guidance.

If you really want a topical guide to help you teach your children, then this book is what you want....

Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments By Kara Durbin / Moody Publishers. In a world where right and wrong seem relative, this valuable guide is essential. When your child expresses anger, fear, worry or a lack of moral understanding, you now have a reliable source to turn to for subject-specific verses, discussion questions, and action points. Written by an experienced educator, this reference can be used for teens as well as toddlers.

I love using this. It is relevant, easy to use, lessons are not too long and not too short, simple and still uses lots of scripture.

I hope this page has given you some good ideas for tools that you can use to help teach your children. is a great resource to use. You can look up verses in all kinds of translations and even get this "Verse of the Day" box delivered to you. Just click this box below:

Here is a short video that I recorded to help you teach your children the Ten Commandments. We love using acrostics and hand motions to help us remember all kinds of facts.