Sonlight Curriculum Review
with Pros and Cons

Here is my Sonlight curriculum review:

sonlight homeschool curriculum

Many times when we are trying to make a major decision at our house we try to list the pros and cons. That's what I will do for you here.

Sonlight curriculum can be a great resource when adapted to your family's needs. I know many people who use it and are happy with it and some that have burned out using it.

Pros and cons of Sonlight curriculum

sonlight homeschool


1. Great literature based program - Sonlight uses some of the best literature available. They have a few of their own books, but most of the books they use fit in the "favorite book" category somewhere along the way. Many people use just their reading lists and don't buy the teacher manuals.

2. Covers all subjects - They are certainly a comprehensive curriculum. I like the fact that they give you choices for Math and what period of History you like to study instead of requiring that you study their choice for that year.

3. Can be used for multiple grades - If you have children in several grades, which most homeschoolers have, then you can combine at least your History and Science reading to make life a little more simple for you. There is no sense in having different children studying different aspects of History or Science when they can easily study the same material at their own level.


1. Can be overwhelming to get all material covered - If you like to check off your list and don't feel complete until you have checked everything off, you might get a little frustrated with Sonlight. There is a lot to cover and you might feel like you're drowning. Realize that you might have to adapt this curriculum to fit your needs and it doesn't mean that you have failed.

2. Requires quite a bit of reading for parent and child - If your child enjoys reading and being read to for at least an hour a day, then Sonlight might work for you. If your child struggles with completing a good amount of reading in a day, then you might want to either adapt this curriculum or look elsewhere. If you don't enjoy or don't want to spend time reading to your children, then this curriculum might not work for you either.

3. Somewhat advanced for grade level - If your child is at or above their grade level, then Sonlight should work for you. If your child struggles in any area, realize you might need to make modifications if you use Sonlight.

I hope this Sonlight curriculum review has given you a realistic picture of what Sonlight Curriculum has to offer. Each person needs to assess what they are looking for and what their child needs and then make an informed decision from there.

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