Suggestions for Homeschool Games to Use for Learning

There are various homeschool games that can teach your children all kinds of skills that they probably won’t learn from a textbook or workbook.

I encourage you to use games in your homeschool as much as possible. Many times we declare Friday as “game day” if everyone has gotten their work done for the week. These are great times of interaction between me and my children and adds a good amount of variety to our week so that we can help avoid homeschool burnout.

Homeschool games for fun and learning:

homeschool games

Card Games - These are the cheapest types of games you can use. Your children can learn strategy, taking turns, matching, counting in your head, concentration and more. Some of the playing card games include: Rummy, Go Fish, Spit, Euchre, and more.

Other card games include: Skip Bo and Uno.

Strategy Games Many times boys enjoy strategy games more than girls. These games require you to plan what you want to do along with anticipating what your opponent will do. Some examples include: Risk,Checkers/ChessMemoryGuess Who, and Othello.

Word Games - These develop spelling skills as well as proper word usuage. ScrabbleMad Libs (not really a game, but a great way to have fun with a story inserting your own silly words while teaching the parts of speech).

Building Games - One of our favorite games is Mouse Trap. Often we don’t even play the game. We just set up the trap and watch the progression of events that lead to the trapping of the mouse. Legos are good building tools, but they are not set up in a game format.

Physical Games - Games like kick ball, tossing a ball, baseball, basketball, bowling, and more. If you live in a colder climate or are not able to play outside during the day, then a Wii might be something that your family will enjoy playing together for physical fitness. Not all wii games require physical movement, but many of them do. If you purchase the games like boxing, bowling, baseball, etc., then you can enjoy playing the games together along with getting some physical activity.

Computer Homeschool Games - These can provide all the variety of skills mentioned above. If you want one on one interaction with your child, you might want to stick to games not played on the computer unless you are willing to sit at the computer with your child. Some of our favorites include: Where in the World is Carmen SandiegoFisher Price First Grade, and Times Attack.

Online Homeschool Games - There are many resources for games online. If you don’t have the time to find them, you can get Internet Resources for Homeschooling. This ebook has links to many online game sites along with every other subject you would ever use for homeschooling. It is for all ages too.