Home Business Help - How to Become Successful

Everyone enjoys having a little extra cash in their pocket. A home business can certainly accomplish this. Knowing how to become successful is sometimes a difficult task.

When children have money, they can learn how to manage that money before they become adults. Here are some ideas of how your children can earn extra money so they can purchase what they need and learn how to manage the rest.

Two Formats to Use to Make Money:

home business

1. Offer a Service - You or your children can offer your services such as running errands, mowing lawns, babysitting, providing information on the Internet, etc.

2. Sell Something - You can sell anything like lemonade, jewelry, birdhouses that you made, or many other items. You will get a higher profit margin if you make something yourself and sell it. You can sell something that is made by someone else or purchased from a store. You just won't make as much of a profit from each item sold.

Making money does not have to infringe on your children's school time. They can either work on their home business after their work is done or incorporate it into their school time.

Some ways that they can incorporate their business into school time is if they write a report on how to do something and then sell that as an ebook. If they have a passion about a certain subject and write about it on their website or blog, they can earn an income from people clicking on advertising on their site. They can keep track of expenses and income as part of their math curriculum. They can work on producing a product while they are listening to a book on CD that they need to listen to for History or Science.

Examples of Business Service Jobs:

  • Shoveling snow
  • Bike repair
  • Internet or medical transcribing
  • Housecleaning
  • Dog walking or pet care
  • Yard work
  • Golf caddy
  • Web page design
  • Providing information about a subject on the Internet
  • Tutoring.

There are many other ways to provide a service and make money with a  home business, but these will give you some ideas to get started.

Examples of Selling Jobs:

  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Handmade crafts
  • Homemade chocolate suckers or molded chocolate
  • Collecting aluminum cans and turning them in for cash
  • Homegrown vegetables and flowers
  • Selling old toys or clothes on eBay or at a garage sale
  • Making T-shirts
  • Using a  party plan businesses such as Avon, Tupperware, or Pampered Chef.

Again, there are MANY other things your family could sell, but these will give you and idea of some of your options.

Website Creation Tips - Service Job

Making a profitable website - If you have a passion or a hobby, you or your children can make a website like this one about any subject you like. You can get a complete home business package that shows you exactly what to do when, and how to make your homeschool home business successful on the Internet. It will require a good bit of writing, but if you are passionate about something, you can make this work with extra coaching if you need to. Or if you like doing things on your own you can get a website name from Go Daddy and build from there.

One caution about creating a website or blog as a homeschool home business, it can often take 6-12 months or even years before you see any substantial profit. If you or your child just like writing or don't mind working at a business slowly, then writing on the Internet can be for you. But if you or your child need a quick income, then you might end up getting frustrated with a website or blog. To become successful with a website, you usually have to have lots of TRAFFIC and that sometimes takes a LONG time.

Most people that have a website or blog also write articles to help bring more people to their site. The most profitable way to do this is to use Infobarrel. You can submit articles here and also earn 75% of the advertising revenue when people view your article. That way you get visitors to your site and another added income source. Some people write for Infobarrel alone and end up making over $1000 per month just writing articles there.

Should you start a blog to make money online? Many people think that if they just start writing on a blog, they will start making money. The truth is that successful blogging requires lots of extra help besides just getting a free blog and writing down your thoughts. You have to know the right plugins to choose and will need LOTS of support and advice from people who know how to build successful blogs. If you want to blog, then get a free wordpress blog, but if you want to build a home business website and possibly earn a full-time income from home after several years, then get SBI Sitesell.

How Our Family Makes Money:

Children - collecting aluminum cans, making chocolate suckers, and babysitting has been our children's main source of income. Children are different and have different passions, talents and interests. Work with your children and help them develop their little business so they can earn money and learn how to manage that money now to help them in their life now and in the future. Some of our children are grown or in college, but these little cottage industries are how they got their start.

To become successful with these types of business you need a good source for materials (either free or reasonable) and you need other people to make these businesses work. If people know you are collecting aluminum cans, many times they will be willing to save them for you. If you make good chocolates and advertise to your friends, family, and groups at Christmas, Valentines, and Easter, they will usually purchase from you if they were already buying candy at that time of the year.

Homeschool Mom -

1. Managing a Website and Writing ebooks - Even though this option has not produced a full-time income, it has added an outlet for my thoughts and a part-time income.

I used to sell on eBay - We have used eBay some to earn a little extra income, but it takes some time to write descriptions and if your item doesn't sell, then you're still stuck with it. I really don't enjoy the process at all, but it has helped us sell off some things in our house. If you like the idea of shopping yard sales and thrift stores and reselling items on ebay, the book Big Bucks Flips will be very valuable to you. It sounds hokey, but it has 81 pages of all kinds of items that can be purchased for a low price and resold for a good profit. Or you can get the ebook How to Resell Items on ebay Found at Big Lots to know how to find items that you can resell on ebay any time of the year.

I used to sell used books on half.com and Amazon when I found them at Goodwill, but my source for books has vanished. Selling used books is still a good option if you can find a way to get books for a cheap price. Half.com was my favorite place to sell books. They did all the collecting and just told me where to ship the books. It was very easy to list books there too.

2. Helping People Be Healthy - If you don't have the time to write but like helping people, then a product and service business might be for you. I have tried over 20 different network marketing businesses and will save you the trouble of trying all of them.

I now teach people about essential oils and how they can use them to provide physical healing for their families. With the health care crisis upon us and people getting disolusioned with modern medicine, people are turning to pure therapeutic grade essential oils for quick and effective help to overcome health issues and get over illnesses quickly. I used supplements and homeopathic remedies for over 20 years but have never seen the results I am seeing with these pure essential oils that God created. My free eBook Taking Charge of Your Family's Health can be found at Essential Oils Information.

Key Ingredients on How to Become Successful in a Home Business:

  • Consumable product
  • Unique product that is not available at a local retail store
  • A team of people who are successful who can lead you along the path they have used.
  • A product or concept that fills a need that many people have (i.e. people are dissolusioned with health care or are not getting the results they want from their doctor and are still in pain or suffering from a disease). My products have given amazing results, don't expire, and have allowed me to throw out all the medicine in my house since it hasn't been used in the last 18 months.

If you want more information on how I have moved from being a flunkie to a successful business builder, feel free to contact me and I will share with you the steps I have taken.

Use the product yourself and then you can easily share your results with others and learn how to become successful in your own business. Coaching and business systems are in place for anyone that wants to join me in helping educate people about essential oils and make a nice income along with it. Even if you decide not to build a business, you still have an incredible choice of essential oils to choose from to help your family overcome just about any illness that may come your way.