Buy Used Homeschool Books or Curriculum

When you want to buy used homeschool books or curriculum, you should keep your eyes open to a few important details. Many people buy and sell books all the time and have good experiences getting what they want. If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to have a good experience too.

buy used homeschool

1. Look over the book -

Are all the pages there?

Are there any marks on the pages?

Is this the edition you want?

Is there any water damage anywhere on the book?

If you have allergies to pets or smoke, does the book come from a pet-free, smoke-free environment?

What does the cover look like?

Are all the pages still attached to the binding?

If you are at a book sale, you can observe these things yourself. If you are purchasing online without seeing the book, then you may need to ask the seller a few questions if these points are not mentioned or if they are important to you.

2. Know your prices -

If you are looking for a certain book or curriculum in your search to buy used homeschool books, it’s best to know the retail price of the item and also the going price for the edition that you are looking at. That way if someone has something listed for a cheap price, you will know to get it right away. If someone has that item listed higher than what you expect, you can bargain with them because you are well informed.

Know When to buy -

Homeschool books sell well from January through September. Not very many people buy home school materials from October through Christmas unless they are buying an educational gift. The closer you get to September, the higher the prices will get especially on eBay.

If you’re buying used books, you will get the best prices before summer starts.

Keep in touch by email or meetings with local groups and coops that might be having used home school book sales in your area. It’s much easier to purchase when you can see the item in front of you.

Here are some current listings of books and curriculum listed on ebay for homeschooling:

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