Famous Homeschoolers List to Use for History Study

Did you ever wonder who the famous homeschoolers are or were? Here's a list of some people I have collected. These are interesting for students to look over to help inspire them. 

Each name has a link to information you can find about them at Wikipedia plus books you can get about their life and work. Some of these people are current and others lived many years ago. It seems that homeschooling is becoming even more popular lately and many more famous people are choosing to homeschool their own children adding to the list of famous homeschoolers.

These would make great unit studies for your homeschool student or just make for interesting reading. Homeschoolers can be found in every area of science, history and more.

Many students think that homeschooling is new but it's actually a very old idea. Before there were schools, students learned to read and write from their parents if their parents knew how. It's good for students to understand what a privilege it is for them to be able to learn. Books and information are so readily available these days that it's hard for students to imagine that life has not always been this way.

A few famous homeschoolers:

Abraham Lincoln -President Books about Abraham Lincoln

George Washington - President Books about George Washington

Andrew Wyeth - Painter Books about Andrew Wyeth

Bode Miller - Alpine Skier Books about Bode Miller

Ernst Mach - Austrian Physicist Books about Ernst Mach

Erwin Schroedinger - Austrian Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Books about Erwin Schroedinger

Queen Elizabeth II Books about Queen Elizabeth II

Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist Books about Rosa Parks

Sho Yano - Child Prodigy Books about Sho Yano

Susan LaFlesche Picotte - First American Indian Woman Physician Books about Susan LaFlesche Picotte

Thomas Edison - Inventor Books about Thomas Edison

Woodrow Wilson - President Books about Woodrow Wilson

Tim Tebow - Heisman Trophy Winner Books about Tim Tebow 

When students read about famous people who have been homeschooled and possibly overcome many odds, they can be inspired to work hard and appreciate the freedoms they enjoy because of these people. Whether students read these books for pleasure or as part of their history or science curriculum, they can benefit greatly from reading about interesting people.