Free Homeschooling

There are many places to find free homeschooling materials. If you know the right places to look, you can supplement or even find everything you need for homeschooling.

Here are a few places to look to find lots of free resources:

  • The Internet - obviously most homeschoolers know that there are many sites and resources they can use for homeschooling. If you don't want to spend a lot of time searching on your own you can get a guide of Internet resources for homeschooling that has done all the work for you. All you have to do is click. Plus you can find all kinds of homeschool freebies too.
  • Library - Now that you can search and order books from the library from home, homeschoolers can utilize the library even more than before and with much more ease. No more dragging toddlers into the library to search for books for your middle schoolers. Just order the books or resources from home and go pick them up when the library sends you an email that they are in.
  • Other homeschoolers - Homeschool families either keep their books, sell their books, trade their books, or give away their books when they are done with them. Depending on who you know, you may be able to work out a trade or cheap sale with another family that has the books or materials that you want.
  • Government agencies - Agencies like NASA publish many documents and pictures of their research online. Find these at free homeschool curriculum
  • Free curriculum sites or out of print books online - A few sites will allow you to print off their book lists and where you can print the books for free online. You can find links to these at free homeschool curriculum.

free homeschooling

Buy used and sell when you're done. This is a way to recoup your homeschooling costs so that you end up spending zero on your homeschool books by the time you are done.

Places like, eBay, Amazon,, email lists, local homeschool book fairs, and homeschool support groups are all good ways to find used homeschool books that you can use for a year or two and then resell. There is nothing illegal or shady about doing this either. Make sure you describe your item completely so that the seller knows just what they are getting. They will be happy to not have to pay full price.

free homeschooling

More Tips on Free Homeschooling . . .

Spend time instead of money - If you are willing to put a little time into free homeschooling, you can create some of the items that others have to purchase. You can make your own worksheets or use a worksheet generator off the Internet. You can use your time to put together a homeschool unit studies by gathering books and resources to learn about a certain period in History or concept in Science rather than purchase a curriculum. You might be surprised how much more your children remember what they learned.

Realize that learning can take place without spending money. Your children can make notebooks or booklets about what they are learning. They can retell a story they heard instead of using a curriculum. go on homeschool field trips do not have to cost much either. Many places will give you free tours or tell you about their business just for the fun of it.

Use the resources you have around you for free homeschooling if you are not able to spend much money. You might even enjoy it more than if you had purchased an expensive curriculum.

Here are some more ideas of ways you can implement free homeschooling:

Free homeschool websites - There are a few sites here. If you want even more sites that I have reviewed, follow the link to get the book that I have compiled that gives you over 300 sites specifically reviewed just for homeschooling.

Free homeschool worksheets - I wrote some free homeschool worksheets to help you add some spice to your homeschool year.

Free homeschool Math - Here are 3 of the best homeschool Math sites I have found.

Free homeschool ebooks - Here are some few free ebooks that I wrote that you can have access to those at this site. Along with the free ebooks you get free access to me by email plus updates of resources, ideas and tips I have about homeschooling.

Free homeschool planner - I use this planner all the time. It has helped me write down all the book and curriculum possibilities I want for my children each year without getting overwhelmed. I'm able to write it all down, pray about it, and choose the books and resources we need without stress and guilt. Hopefully you will like this as much as I do.

Free Home School Programs - More ideas on free programs you can get for homeschooling.

Homeschool Forms - Here are a couple of forms that I have created that you can use as you like. I hope to add more forms here as I have time to create them.

Homeschool for Free or Almost Free - Here is a page I have written based on the book Homeschool Your Child for Free. I've listed all my best tips for buying and reselling and implementing free homeschooling.

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