Free Homeschool Math Resources, Worksheets, and Programs

Here are some great sites you can use to get free homeschool Math worksheets:

free homeschool math

You can print pages from some of these sites while others allow your children to play interactive games to learn math facts and concepts.

Johnnie's Math Worksheets

This is a great page. They have some of the most innovative pages that you can print off. There are 4 sections in this site. They cover Early Learning, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, and Word Problems. Their pages cover more than I could ever think up or imagine. Truly every aspect of learning math (especially the facts) is covered here. There are mazes, T charts, division patterns, and much more

If you're looking for pages you can print for K-8, this is the place to go!

Math Ebook

This is another great website. It is divided into 4 different sections - Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School. This could be all you might need for Kindergarten through High School math. They take you from addition for 1 digit numbers all the way through multiplication, decimals, fractions, geometry and everything in between.

Kids Numbers

If you don't like the free homeschool math worksheets that you see online and you want to find a place that will generate the worksheets for you, then you'll love the worksheet generator here. You can enter the number of columns, number of problems, highest number in problems, number of bottom spaces,and instructions. You can choose the type of problems you want and then click "create worksheet". There are also many interactive math games your children can play at this site.


This is a BBC site but math is a pretty universal language that is used all over the world. Here you will find fact sheets, worksheets and quizzes for many areas of math for grades 3-8. There are many worksheets to choose from and are listed in an easy-to-find format.

More free homeschool math resources on the Internet

There are SO many Internet resources out there that can be used for homeschooling, but who has the time to find them all? I have personally reviewed over 300 websites that can be used for homeschooling and have compiled them into a book called Internet Resources for Homeschooling.

For $9.95 you can have all these websites at your fingertips, right on your computer, to use any time during the year. There are websites for all ages and all interest levels. To find out more about how to purchase the book, go to Internet Resources for Homeschooling and get your copy delivered in minutes.

Free Computer Program

Timez Attack offers a free or paid version of their award winning multiplication and division drill game. My son loves this game and spends quite a bit of time reviewing his math facts while he is playing. He plays a lot longer than I require him to play and it forces him to answer the math facts correctly in order to continue in the game. You can access Timez Attack here. This is a great free homeschool math resource!

Saxon Factsfirst online practice

Math U See Online Drill Application

More Homeschool Math Programs

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