Homeschool Freebies

Homeschool freebies are everywhere, but who has time to wade through all the Internet sites and resources? That's why I have put this page together, so that you can benefit from my research in picking the best of the best for homeschooling.

Free home school websites - Here are some sites to get you started. If you want even more sites that I have reviewed, follow the link to get the book that I have compiled that gives you over 300 sites specifically reviewed just for homeschooling.

Free homeschool worksheets - Get some free homeschool worksheets that I have put together for you to add some spice to your homeschool year.

Free homeschool Math - Here are 3 of the best homeschool Math sites I have found.

Free homeschool ebooks - I've written a few free ebooks in my time and you can have access to those at this site. Along with the free ebooks you get free access to me by email plus updates of resources, ideas and tips I have about homeschooling.

Free homeschool planner - This is my favorite homeschool resource listed on my site. I use this planner all the time. It has helped me write down all the book and curriculum possibilities I want for my children each year without getting overwhelmed. I'm able to write it all down, pray about it, and choose the books and resources we need without stress and guilt. Hopefully you will like this as much as I do.

Homeschool Forms - Here are a couple of forms that I have created that you can use as you like. I hope to add more forms here as I have time to create them.

Homeschool for Free or Almost Free - Here is a page I have written based on the book Homeschool Your Child for Free. I've listed all my best tips for buying and reselling and getting many things for free.

homeschool freebies

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If someone can use these books, I am willing to send them to them for free. All I ask is that you cover my shipping costs. Spread the word! I want someone else to be able to use these books.

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