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When looking over homeschool curriculums and resources, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Hopefully, this site will help you work through the maze of choices and come out on the other end getting just what you need for YOUR family.

1. Start with answering the 10 questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any homeschool resource.

2. Decide whether you should buy a curriculum package or not. Many curriculum publishers would like you to think that you aren’t smart enough to put together a homeschool program or that theirs is much better than anything you or anyone else could provide.

3. Make sure you know and stay within your homeschool budget.

4. Know what approach you want to use. What is your child’s homeschool learning style and your teaching style? Whether you use a traditional approach, unschooling approach, unit study approach, or any other method of homeschooling, knowing your and your children's style will help you tremendously.

5. Look into where to get homeschool books and decide whether you want to purchase your books and resources new or used. You can easily buy used homeschool books and then sell homeschool books on the Internet. There are many homeschool catalogs available. Here are a few of my favorite homeschool resources and places to get them.

There are many homeschool curriculums available. Some of the more popular ones are Abeka Curriculum, Sonlight homeschool, Alpha Omega, School of Tomorrow, Switched on Schoolhouse, Robinson Curriculum, and more. Many times it is helpful to read homeschool reviews from other homeschoolers to get a more accurate idea of what is included, what people like and what people dislike about a particular curriculum.

If you don't have money to spend on curriculum, don't let that discourage you or make you think that you can't homeschool. There are plenty of inexpensive homeschool books, ways to homeschool for free, and ways to save money homeschooling available that can still give your child a quality education.

If you’re not into curriculums, there are plenty of resources and books available that you can use that are just as effective. There are many Math, Science, History, Music, homeschool Writing, and homeschool Reading programs that are either designed for homeschoolers or are used by homeschoolers.

You can get a complete list of all the homeschool reviews that I have collected to help you make the most informed choice on what you should use for homeschooling.

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