Free Home School Programs for Homeschool Families

When looking for free home school programs, parents have a lots of resources available to them. Many times parents find too much information and have to find ways to consolidate or filter the information so that they can use it.

With free programs, realize that you will need to trade some of your time for money. If your homeschool budget is limited, you can still homeschool successfully and maybe have even more fun than those people that can afford an expensive curriculum.

Ways to Get Free Home School Programs:

free home school programs

1. Buy used books and resources and then resell them for as much or sometimes even more than you paid for them. Obviously, workbooks that are used by your children won't be able to be resold, but there are many other books and resources you can buy and resell. You can find guidelines on how to buy used homeschool books and how to homeschool for free. I have been doing this for years and homeschooled my 4 children on a very limited budget for quite a few years.

2. Trade with Other Homeschoolers - If you are friends with another homeschool mom and have children who are close in age, you can each purchase a homeschool program or resource and then trade with the other mom the next year. This will at least cut your costs in half.

3. Use Google or Other Resources - If you decide to plan your own homeschool year and know what you want to study, you can use a search engine to find resources that go along with that unit which makes for some more free home school programs. Many times though, you end up finding so much information you don't know where to begin. That's where a handy resource like Internet Resources for Homeschooling comes in very handy. There are over 300 websites chosen just for homeschoolers. They provide direct links to resources in every area of study for preschoolers all the way through college students. The resources are organized by subject and give you a short description of each website that is available. If you are tired of searching the Internet to find what you need or just want a resource with the Internet all organized for you, then Internet Resources for Homeschooling is just what you need.

4. Use one of the free homeschool programs online. Some even have lesson plans and book lists all set up for each grade and subject.

5. USE THE LIBRARY - Your local library can be a tremendous resource. You can easily buy a book like The Well Trained Mind and use it as a guide and then get the books that they recommend at the library. A trip to the library always jump starts the learning at our house.

Extra Courses you can use to Build your Free Home School Programs:

You can download free course materials for various courses that have been taught at MIT -

NASA images can be viewed online at

Museums - sometimes museums offer online resources to showcase their websites. You might even find some curriculum or lesson plans on some of these sites.

Art Institute of Chicago

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Zoos - San Diego Zoo

More Places to Find Free Stuff:

Free Homeschool Planner - This is the one I created and use every year!

Free Home School Websites

Free Homeschool Ebooks

Free Homeschool Math

Free Homeschool Worksheets