Tips on Finding Cheap Homeschool Books and Resources

If you're looking for cheap homeschool books and resources, you've come to the right place. I have been homeschooling on a limited budget for quite a few years and have found some tricks that have helped me along the way that I want to share with you.

Ways to find cheap homeschool books and resources:

cheap homeschool

1. Used homeschool curriculum fairs and book sales - If you live in a more populated area or belong to a homeschool group, chances are there will be a book sale somewhere in your area. Usually the sales are in the spring or early summer. These book sales give you a chance to look at all kinds of books. It's hard to decide what homeschool books to get when all you have is a catalog description. When you actually get to see the book, it helps you be able to decide whether it will be a good fit for your family. Many times I have purchased a used book, used it for a year, and then turned around and resold it the next year for as much or more than what I paid for it.

2. Library - I know I have said a lot about the library on this site, but that's because it is a wonderful resource. You can get picture books for homeschool science or homeschool social studies, preview books you are thinking about buying, and look at parent resource books. I often request a book from our library before I purchase it so that I can get a good look at it and make sure that I want to purchase it. Our library lets us order books online and then pick them up at our local library. This is a great service!

3. Online - Using a book like Internet Resources for Homeschooling can help you find cheap homeschool resources online. There are tons of resources for information online but sometimes the volume of information can be overwhelming. Internet Resources for Homeschooling organizes the Internet for you buy listing over 300 hand picked and review websites that are good for homeschooling. There are resources for preschool all the way through college. Using a resource like this really helps you hone in on what you want to find, without having to spend hours searching the Internet.

4. Cheap homeschool workbooks - Some of my favorite homeschool workbooks come from Spectrum. They have lots of subjects for grades K-8. Just because they are cheap doesn't mean they aren't worth your time. The ones we have used have always been well organized, divided into lessons, comprehensive, and manageable. At $7.95 per book or less, a family can purchase 5 or 6 of them and get a good base for homeschooling. Then they can fill in with other free resources and fun activities to make a complete year.

I believe that if someone is called to homeschool, they are not supposed to go into debt buying books for the school year. Each family should decide what their homeschool budget is and then stick with it. They might need to trade a bit of time for money to get what they need, but they need to realize that it IS possible to homeschool for free or almost free.

I hope these cheap homeschool resources have been helpful to you.

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