Spectrum Math Workbooks - Very Useful to Homeschoolers

Spectrum Math is one of the best math workbook programs available for grades K-8. Even though they are not very expensive, they can still provide quality instruction for student.

spectrum math

The books are softcover and usually have about 180 pages which make it easy to complete a book in a year and yet get a complete math program that provides plenty of drill and skill work. There is also plenty of application to everyday activities too.

The books provide a pretest, chapter tests, mid year test, and final test. The answer key and sheets to record all grades is in the back of the book. If your student tends to cheat, you might want to take those pages out of the book and store them in a different location. Otherwise, having the answers in the back of the book can be very handy for both parents and student. 

Spectrum Math helps prepare your child for standardized tests if needed. If you choose not to test, it still provides a great math foundation for your child that doesn't cost you very much for the whole year.

Cost savings with Spectrum Math

You can purchase these books for 15% off here. They are one of my favorite resources to recommend when parents want to save money on homeschooling.

They also provide workbooks for  Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Language Arts, Writing, Geography, Science and Phonics.

We have loved using these books. They are simple for my children to use, yet they provide a solid foundation for whatever subject we choose. I like using them because it gives us a good way to measure progress through the year but still gives us plenty of time to add in fun things like field tripsgames, and outdoor activities.

Christian Book provides all their books at 15% off. You can search their site here and find out all that they have to offer:

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