Homeschooling Advantages and Benefits for Families

Many parents know there are homeschooling advantages. Even the kids know there are benefits. Whether you are new to this or just looking into it, there are many benefits to teaching your child at home. Here is an article you can look over on this topic. My comments are at the bottom.

Homeschooling Advantages - Some Things You Should Consider

homeschooling advantages

article by Don Rodriguez

Are you thinking about homeschooling advantages for your children? If so, then there are some things you should consider. The first important factor which makes homeschooling preferred over public schools and even some private schools is the one on one attention your children will get from you. Instead of being one among about 30 children, your children will have the best teacher to pupil ratio. Moreover, your children will not have to wait for other children to finish a lesson or test before they can move on to the next topic.

Although some say that a disadvantage of homeschooling is the lack of social interaction home schooled children get, the opposite is true. Instead of interacting with a classroom full of children their own age, your children will interact with parents and children of different ages as well as other people they encounter when you take them on field trips. Social interaction is enhanced when you join a homeschooling association and school.

Another factor, and perhaps the single most important one considered by most parents who decide to teach their children at home, is being able to give their children a religious education. An appeals court ruled recently that a parent could not even read from the Bible as part of her son's show and tell at a public school. Such restrictions are not imposed on parents who home school their children.

There are several other homeschooling advantages. The final one to be covered here is the family bonding which occurs between parents and children during the educational experience. You spend quality time with your children as you direct their education and nourish their social development. You also get to go with your children on field trips and other school activities.

These benefits of teaching your children at home should be considered by all parents and should be given the critical attention and reflection they deserve when parents decide what is best for their children's education.

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My Comments: Although some people think that homeschooling is too difficult or that they are not smart enough to do it, the truth is that there are some definite homeschooling advantages and benefits to homeschooling.

I suggest you capitalize on these and enjoy your children to the fullest. Sure, some days are harder than others, but it's all worth it in the end.

It's easy to get bogged down on curriculum choicesschedulinglesson plansrecord keeping, and more, but if you know that you are homeschooling because you know this is the best educational option for your children, you can work through anything and have a successful year.