Switched On Schoolhouse Math Program Options - Computer

When you purchase Switched on Schoolhouse Math, you receive quite a package. The math program includes step by step instructions with practice problems all using your computer to enter the answers. The computer program installs on your computer and no internet connection is required.

More features of Switched On Schoolhouse Math:

switched on schoolhouse math

The program teaches the concepts to your student and then he/she enters their answers to the math problems on the computer where they receive an immediate answer. There is no grading for the parent either. The program keeps all records for you.

The lessons are very engaging and include some animation, learning games, and video clips. The program captures their interest and helps them want to learn the material.

Switched on Schoolhouse Math is user friendly and lets you assign work, delete an entire unit if you want to and provides you with all the information you need about your child's progress. The parent can assign the days that they want work assigned. Many things on this program can be customized. You can set your own theme and make personalized screens. You can view exactly what is assigned for each day and see if your child is staying on track. The best part is that there is no grading or record keeping except for grading projects or paragraphs.

The student sees exactly what they need to do each day and week and are free to work ahead if they like. The program is biblically based and uses mastery learning to make sure the student learns the material.

Switched on Schoolhouse Math starts with grade 3 and provides coursework all the way through 12th grade. Algebra is introduced in 6th and 7th grade with the full Algebra course available for 9th grade. Geometry is taught in 10th grade and Algebra II is for 11th grade. Pre-Calculus and Calculus programs are also available. You can purchase these in any order you wish. These are just grade suggestions.

They provide complete subject sets for grades 3-12 if you want more than just Math. You can purchase these all together or individually by subject.

This program is not supposed to be resold so you probably won't find any used copies anywhere unless someone is selling them illegally. You are free to use them for your other children though when they are old enough to use that grade.

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