High School Homeschool Pointers and Advice for Parents

Parents come to the time when they need to start thinking about high school homeschool and think that there is some magic formula that they will need to be able to homeschool their students.

High school homeschool can be a wonderful experience. Here are a few pointers from this veteran homeschool mom:

high school homeschool
  1. High school is just an extension of what you have done already. You have gotten your children this far and you can keep going from here. Maybe you can remember back to when your child was a preschooler and you were moving them from that stage into kindergarten. You probably felt the same inadequacy then. If your child has progressed from year to year, enjoys (or at least tolerates reading), can write a complete sentence and knows a little bit about the world around him, then he should be able to continue that progress into his high school years.
  2. Do a little planning. If you want to plan out your student's high school years, you can use a couple of free planners to get that job done. I have a free homeschool planner that you can use from year to year and there is a great free high school homeschool planner that has been very helpful to me. It gave me all the ideas for electives and a simple plan laid out on paper that I could refer to at a glance when thinking about what we would do each year for the high school subjects.
  3. You may need a curriculum and you may not. If you haven't used a curriculum up until now and your child has a love for learning, you may not need a curriculum now either. Some parents feel that high school homeschool is the time to move into a curriculum, but that is not always necessarily the case. You can still use an eclectic style of homeschooling for high school and pick and choose the courses that you think your student should take.
  4. Evaluate your student's interests. Now might be a good time to take some kind of interest survey if your child is showing no signs of interest in any certain profession. When planning high school you need to look at whether you think your child will be attending college, going into a trade or moving right into a job after high school. If your child is not sure about whether they will be attending college, I encourage you to continue a college prep course of study during high school. That way if they don't go to college, you haven't lost anything and if they do decide to go to college, they will be prepared and not scrambling at the end to fit in all the requirements.

High school home school can be an exciting time of life where you help your children find and develop their interests. They have so many options open to them and you get to be their coach in the process.

Don't let this time of life intimidate you. You have brought your child this far and you can continue to lead and guide them in what God has for them in their life.

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